In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Hearing is one of God’s greatest blessings. Hearing loss is a common occurrence, but nowadays children and young people suffer from any of these diseases. Medical experts have suggested some natural remedies for hearing ailments, which can be used to control most hearing ailments. According to doctors, the main causes of hearing loss include hearing loss, sudden ringing in the ears at night, and noise. If these early symptoms are not addressed immediately, the problem can escalate further. Factors affecting hearing include diabetes, kidney disease,Ear tumors, ear injuries, etc. Natural remedies do not work in such cases. Natural remedies are only effective in ear infections, hearing loss due to airline passengers or altitude changes, etc. So here are some tips for hearing protection and improvement that you will definitely use.


(1).Vinegar contains manganese, potassium, zinc and manganese, which are good for people with hearing loss. Especially in patients with hearing loss, using vinegar and honey mixed in a cup of water reduces ear irritation.

(2).ONIONS have long been used to treat EAR πŸ‘‚ infections, but researchers have now proven that onions have a significant effect on ear damage, especially trauma, explosion or any damage to the ear due to pressure. Keeps Scientists consider onions to be an effective natural remedy. Explaining how to use it, scientists say that soak three grams of onion in one liter of water for twelve hours and use this water in case of ear infection.

(3). CRUSHED SALT has also been used for decades for ear pain and infections Heat a cup of ground salt and wrap it in a cloth and place it over the ear to get rid of the fluid in the ear while relieving the infection. In addition, the use of sulfur also helps to open closed ears.

(4).The dried leaves of the plant called Ω†Niaz Bo which are sour, sweet in taste have the status of elixir in hearing problems which can be used to overcome various problems including low blood pressure. Boil a few dried leaves of Niaz Bo in a cup of boiling water and use it for at least ten days to cure the disease.

(5).No matter what the disease, man has always wanted to get rid of it immediately and when it comes to pain like ear pain, the soul begins to perish just by thinking. But you do not have to worry, Below we also present two tips related to this which will be useful not only for this life-threatening pain but also for other ear diseases.

(6). In RADISH JUICE, we add same weight SOLE OIL. Keep it on low heat. When the juice burns and empty oil is left, filter it and store it in the bottle. And other ear diseases go away.

(7).If there is fiber in the ear, ear pain, ear closure and any kind of ear pain, take a spoonful of tulime juice and dissolve a pinch of sweet soda in it and put it in the dropper. Shake it before putting it and put it in the ear, three drops three times a day. Do this for a few days or a few weeks. Those who do so have their disease eradicated forever and they are cured forever.

Do you often experience leg pain at night?

Do you often have pain in your legs at night?

If you have ever experienced severe pain in your shins, legs or thighs during sleep at night, you will know how painful it is.

In medical parlance it is called Charlie Horse, which often causes severe pain in the shin, thigh or leg muscles during sleep that can last from a few seconds to several minutes.

According to medical experts, even if this pain lasts for only 10 seconds, it may feel as if it has been going on for 20 years. However, this pain may occur before or after exercise during wakefulness and can also appear in other parts of the body.

However, it usually occurs in some part of the legs at night.


It is not entirely clear what the reasons are, but several elements are pointed out.

For years, experts have believed that muscle cramps are the result of dehydration and loss of electrolytes, but research reports suggest that there may be more reasons.

According to Nabil Ibrahim, an expert at Toledo Medical Center, it is believed that this muscle strain is the result of repeated nerve fires and has nothing to do with the muscle, the most common cause being too much stress on the muscles Used a lot.

Other elements include prolonged sitting, poor blood circulation, certain medications,There is also a sedentary lifestyle and excessive strenuous exercise, with pregnant women, athletes, the elderly and obese people being the most affected.

Why does it happen at night?

It is not yet clear why Charlie Horse is often encountered during sleep, but experts have some ideas.

Excessive sitting at the end of the day, poor posture, or muscle fatigue as a result of exercise can lead to muscle stiffness, according to Jonathan Meltzer, a physiotherapist.

It is also important to look at the position of the body during sleep, which can lead to stiffness. If you lie down and your legs are hanging down, you may complain of stiff muscle stiffness on a long-term basis.


There are a number of ways that it can help prevent or reduce pain.

Adopting good habits such as stretching and muscle roller sticks can loosen stiff muscles. Spreading the muscles helps them to function properly, stretching the shins and legs before going to bed helps prevent this problem.

Being physically active also prevents this problem because sitting too long or standing in one place increases the pressure on the muscles, constantly changing the physical position at home and in the office can prevent this problem, such as every hour. I get up from my chair and take a short walk and so on.

However, research on dehydration and muscle stiffness has been mixed but there is no harm in making it a habit to drink adequate amounts of water. According to medical experts, we cannot say for sure whether it will be beneficial for muscle cramps or not, but it is certainly not harmful.

Adjusting the sleeping position can also prevent this problem.


If you have ever had this problem in your sleep, turning your toes towards the body can also provide some relief.

If there is swelling in the muscles, a warm cloth, massage or ice can also be used to help. In addition, massage of mustard or olive oil on the soles of the feet is also very useful in relieving this pain.

Back pain remedies.

Home Remedies for Back Pain

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Home Remedies for Back Pain
The result will be 100% provided you use them regularly. Back pain has become a very common problem nowadays. Back pain does not do much which makes it very difficult. Now you can get rid of back pain by using tried and tested prescriptions for back pain.


Mix CAMPHOR in COCONUT OIL, heat it for 5 minutes, cool it and put it in a bottle. Twice a week before going to bed, light hand massage on the back will relieve back pain.

Bath with lukewarm water and EUCALYPTUS OIL.

Before going to bed, put a few drops of Uclipts oil in LUKEWARM WATER and take a bath with it.This not only relieves back pain but also eliminates pain in other parts of the body.

(2). DRINK 🍻 TURMERIC and HONEY 🍯 mixed in MILK .

Make it a habit to mix a pinch of TURMERIC and a few drops of 🍯 HONEY in a glass of LUKEWARM MILK πŸ₯› before going to bed every day. This will not only get rid of back pain but will also relieve colds and coughs.

(3). SKI with RAW 🍚 RICE.

Make a small bundle of raw rice. Heat it in a mackerel oven for 5 to 6 minutes and dry it on the lower back. In a few minutes, the back pain will go away.


One hour before bathing, Massage MUSTARD OIL on the back and make sure to take a warm bath.MUSTARD OIL πŸ›’οΈ is present in every home and this is an easy prescription. Its use will not cause back pain.

All these prescriptions are very cheap and easy. These tips are very useful. By using them you can get rid of the cycle of hospitals and expensive medicines. Here are some tips to help you get rid of back pain if you are suffering from unwanted back pain.

Best treatment of lactation in women.


In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

After giving birth……….

(1).The first feed of mothers should be with DATES and LUKEWARM MILK.
The mother’s diet consisted mostly of MILK and DATES for a week.With that first dose,the
mother is able to carry her baby and walk on her own.
The next day she can do all the work herself.
Now the question here is about milk, so the mother who ate this food never had less milk.

Now take note of the home remedies for low breast milk.

(2).The water that falls when boiling white rice is called Don’t
waste it, but add sugar to it and give it to the mother who is suffering from lack of milk.
The baby will not be breastfed the next day, but you should drink it for a week.
Then every 15 days the mother should drink once …Use fresh rice. Old rice PICH doesn’t taste good.

(3).The third thing is that the mother who drinks half a liter of milk daily throughout the day, never suffers from a shortage of milk.

(4).Fourth thing. Bring the goat’s lungs, cook it, feed the mother, the milk will increase.

(5).Fifth thing. INDIGENOUS TREATMENT. Ingredients….. (a).Badaari Kund,(b).White CUMIN, (c).Almonds,(d).MISRI. بیداری Ϊ©Ω†Ψ―ΨŒ زیرہ Ψ³ΩΫŒΨ―ΨŒΩ…ΨΊΨ²Ψ¨Ψ§Ψ―Ψ§Ω… ΨŒΩ…Ψ΅Ψ±ΫŒΫ” All that items grinds and then give a teaspoon in the morning and evening with a glass of MILK πŸ₯›. MISRI can mix in it to make its taste good.
Give good food during pregnancy.
You will get double the return from Allah Almighty for what you spend on the pregnant woman.
Eggs, Meat, fish, vegetables. Get in the habit of feeding so that they can complete their own physical growth. The girls height are very short due to lack of proper food. They do not like every food they eat. What will be the growth if it has come in CHIPS and SAMOSAS?

How to get rid of thumb/finger sucking habit of children?

Thumb / finger sucking in children.

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

This habit is very common and most parents are worried about how to get rid of it. The first thing to remember is that this is a “coupling mechanism” for dealing with children’s emotional stress. So for the first 3 years, do not touch it or forbid the child. The vast majority then leaves on their own after this age. But if this habit persists, the shape of the jaw and teeth may deteriorate. In this case you can use one or more of the following methods according to your convenience and the mood of the child:

(1). Explain over and over again … for example about germs, or say that it will ruin the shape of the teeth and make you look “artistic”, or make fun of children at school that he is still “baby”, or will be difficult to speak.

(2). Praise the thumb/finger for not sucking and repeat.

(3). Make a chart and give a star every time you spend an hour without thumb sucking. Give a special reward if you do not suck all day.

(4). Note the times when the intensity of the habit is high. Most children do this while watching TV or sleeping at night. So when the child puts his finger in his mouth while watching TV, turn off the TV for 5 to 10 minutes. If you do this while sleeping, put socks on your hands.

(5). Show videos against it on YouTube. Sometimes what is said does not have the same effect as watching a video

(6). Give food chewelry. Will be found online (chewlery).

(7). Use a plastic device that locks on the thumb.

(8). Use foul-smelling, invisible, swallowable nail polish. For example, thum.

(9). One solution is also ace bandage on the elbow. She will not be able to turn around and the child will not be able to hold her hand to his MOUTH.

Hopefully these methods will definitely benefit them, God willing. If all else fails, get a psychiatrist and see if your child has any permanent problems.
If the shape of the mouth deteriorates, consult a dentist immediately and apply a special device to the palate.


Reasons of Sexual Abuse.

The reasons of sexual abuse or sexual exploitation are as follows:-


Late marriages have become commonplace in our society due to various customs, greed to earn more and search for the best relationships. However, from an Islamic point of view, both boys and girls should get married as soon as possible so that they can meet their physical needs in a lawful manner.


While there are various advantages to media, such as TV, cable, and the Internet, there are also many disadvantages. Obscene and provocative programs, dirty movies and love dramas are playing an important role in spreading misbehavior in our society. Parents should pay special attention to their children’s daily affairs and keep a TV and computer at home where you can keep an eye on them. Your carelessness can be a lifelong illness for a child.



There is a lot of parental negligence involved in child sexual abuse. Blind trust in domestic workers, teachers and close relatives and not monitoring the child’s movements can also lead to sexual exploitation.


Leaving the house naked, wearing tight clothes and tights also provokes the feelings of non-mahrams and such people are attracted to illicit means when their sexual needs are not met in a lawful manner.In this case, in the case of sexual exploitation of a child and the murder of a child for fear of being caught later, in addition to the media, women wearing nude clothes will also be considered complicit in this crime before Allah and will be held accountable.
An individual’s suspicious behavior:
If someone wants to use your relationship with your child for sexual purposes, you may not know about it clearly and the symptoms may not be obvious, but if you want the person to use your relationship with your child You need to be careful if you are suspicious and feel unsatisfied with the way your child is playing and behaving and feel uncomfortable in your heart.

Be careful with the person concerned due to the following symptoms:-

(a).Kissing the baby even though he doesn’t want to.Repeated hugs, wrestling, and touching and tickling girls’ chests with excuses.

(b). Trying to spend more time with children than with your peers.

(c). Insisting on spending time alone with the child.

(d). Gifts to the child, such as: candy biscuits, toys and money for no reason.

(e). Expressing more than one attachment to the other children in the house, showing undue favor in various matters, showing selfish love and making him believe that he is special.

(f). Insist on taking the child out for a walk alone and be ready to come and go at all times.l

How penis become tense and chaotic.

How and why does the PENIS become TENSE & CHAOTIC?

A veil of involuntary muscle is wrapped around the veins near the root of the organ. When these muscles are in motion, their arteries and veins become narrowed and blood flow through them stops. As a result, blood accumulates in the penis and the spongy body of the organ fills with blood.
This tension is called anarchy.
From a medical point of view and according to the anatomy, the touch inside the skin of a particular organ is very sensitive and delicate. Which has created the feature that … Touching or rubbing together creates a strange kind of pleasure and serenity in a man.
Thus lust is present in all the skin of the PENIS but in testees it is very fast.
The second component of lust is power.
This causes chaotic inside the penis.
In tranquility, the organ is particularly soft, loose and hanging down. In a state of chaos, it becomes thick and long and becomes hard and stable.

This penis has two functions:-

(1).A discharge of urine and drops.
(2).The second act of nature, that is, intercourse, pushes the semen out of it with jerks.

11 FOODS that clean the KIDNEYS.


In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

The kidneys are the most important organs in the human body that are responsible for removing toxins from the body and maintaining the balance of body fluids and the amount of electrolytes in the body.
The blood in our body passes through the kidneys several times a day and the kidneys are busy cleaning it all the time and adjusting the salt and water and minerals in the blood.If our diet is not good,the

excess dirt in the blood starts to accumulate in the kidneys and slows down their ability to work and if they get any disease, they stop working and in such cases where their treatment is very expensive, the patient has to go through a lot of pain. Millions of people in the world are suffering from kidney disease and a large number of patients in our country Pakistan are suffering from this disease.
In it we will mention foods that are very helpful in naturally cleansing the kidneys and making them healthy and active.

No.(1). WATER πŸ’¦

WATER πŸ’¦ is life and should be used as much as possible but should not be exceeded, doctors say that a man should drink at least 13 glasses of water a day and women should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.
Water plays an important role in the removal of waste products from the kidneys and removes waste from the kidneys through the urine.

(2). CABBAGE πŸ₯¬

CABBAGE πŸ₯¬ is also a very useful vegetable which is rich in vitamins as well as has a large amount of phytochemicals and antioxidant properties. These antioxidant properties repair the dead cells of the kidneys and improve the function of the kidneys.


While RED πŸ’ CAPSICUM makes food delicious, the vitamins C, B6, A in it are very good for the kidneys and vitamin C cleanses the kidneys. Red capsicum also contains a large amount of fiber which Helps to filter the waste in the kidneys along with the digestive system.
CAPSICUM is also an antioxidant that is very good for the kidneys as well as the liver.

(4). ONION

Onions are the enemy of many diseases. The flavonoids and quercetin in them do not allow fat to clot in the blood vessels. Makes better

(5). GARLIC.

GARLIC is no less than a medical store against ailments that are extremely helpful in cleansing the blood, its antioxidant properties play an important role in repairing the kidneys and liver as well as cleansing them.


CAULIFLOWER is a vegetable rich in vitamin C, folate and fiber which is a friend of the kidneys which makes it active in purifying the blood.

(7).APPLE. 🍎

Eating an 🍎 apple a day protects you from the DOCTOR.It eliminates cholesterol from the body and keeps the kidneys and liver active.

(8).FISH 🐠. 🐟

FISH 🐟 is an excellent source of protein, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are extremely helpful in clearing the kidneys and liver.

(9). πŸ‹ LEMON JUICE.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C are very helpful in improving the digestive system in addition to cleansing the kidneys and liver.


These fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals as well as water and make up for the lack of water in the body and relieve KIDNEY failure.

(11). KALE.

It is a very useful vegetable which is very useful for blood sugar in the body. Excess sugar can cause severe damage to the kidneys.If you suffer from KIDNEY disease, be sure to consult your DOCTOR before using this vegetable and find out how much you can use it as too much of it can be harmful.
Foods to Avoid in KIDNEY DISEASE.
If you suffer from KIDNEY DISEASE, avoid these foods until you are well.
Spinach, dried fruits, peanut butter, pulses, red meat, high sodium foods such as salt, dairy, market sweet foods, caffeine such as tea, coffee, tomatoes, potatoes, alcohol, canola, etc.

Best treatments of Acne..

Why do ACNE occur and WHAT is the TREATMENT for it?

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful


If you have ACNE on your cheeks, it means that your respiratory system is not good. It can also be caused by excessive smoking or allergies. For this, you should use green leafy vegetables in your diet. Eat as much salad as you can.


If you have a ACNE on your forehead, it means that your digestive system is not working properly. Avoid fatty foods and increase your sleep duration. Drink plenty of water.


They are caused by a specific change in the body, which can lead to hormonal changes Or a mental illness or anxiety may be the cause. Encourage yourself to keep calm. Use water as much as possible.


ACNE on the nose is caused by the fact that you are using insufficient pure food Which is why you are suffering from these acne. Put it on your diet. Absolutely stop fatty foods. Use clean and hygienic food.

ACNE control with use of GARLIC.

GARLIC is important in the treatment of acne. If raw garlic is peeled and rubbed on the affected area several times a day, the Acne dissolve without leaving any marks.Garlic is also used to treat mature acne pimples in older people. For permanent relief from this disease, swallow a few cloves of garlic daily. Diseases also go away.

(1).Treatment of ACNE with raw POTATOES.

Raw potatoes are considered to be a valuable remedy for cleansing the ugly shadows of the skin. Crushing raw potatoes and cleansing with it will eliminate ACNE pimples from the face and will also brighten the skin.


Bathing twice a week with Epsom salt is also useful in all types of acne. Mix one and a half kilogram of Epsom salt in 60 liters of 100 degree Fahrenheit water and stay in this water for at least 25 minutes until you sweat a lot.


Make a paste by mixing two teaspoons of TURMERIC in half a teaspoon of LEMON πŸ‹ juice and apply it on the face before going to bed at night. Get up in the morning and wash with antiseptic soap. This will remove the Acne from the face. Use this prescription continuously for a week.

(4).Treatment with YOGURT.

Add four tablespoons of LEMON πŸ‹ juice, two tablespoons of YOGURT, πŸ₯š Eggs whites, four tablespoons of 🍯 HONEY to make a mixture and apply on the face. Wash your face after 15 minutes. The face will be clear of acne. Do this twice a week.

8 Unparalleled benefits of RADISH.

The unparalleled benefits of RADISH that will make you an integral part of your DIET.

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

RADISH is one of the most widely used vegetables in the subcontinent. It is an annual, furry vegetable. Green leaves sprout directly from the root. It has the same root which is round cylindrical or conical, white or red in color. Radish is very useful for certain diseases and organs.


RADISH is rich in minerals which are very useful for the liver and stomach and give energy to the body. Radish is also very useful for cleansing the blood. It protects red blood cells in the body.


In case of jaundice, the juice of radish leaves is mixed with sugar and fed to the patient.Radish eaters never have jaundice.


Because of the potassium in radish, it controls the amount of potassium and sodium in our blood which controls our blood pressure.


Eating RADISH regularly can lead to weight loss. If you are worried about obesity and want to lose weight, drink lemon and salt in radish juice. This can significantly reduce your weight.


Radishes contain folic acid, vitamin C, which boosts the body’s immune system against cancer, which protects against diseases such as cancer.


Hemorrhoids can be relieved by eating raw radish leaf vegetable. Radish is very useful in case of indigestion or sour belching.A cup of radish juice mixed with Egyptian drink relieves indigestion and sour sweet belching.


Speech relieves swelling and tingling caused by any insect bite. If a worm bites any part of the body, applying radish juice gives a lot of relief.


People who have asthma or shortness of breath should eat radish regularly as it contains ingredients that reduce chest tightness and make breathing easier.

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