Best treatment of lactation in women.


In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

After giving birth……….

(1).The first feed of mothers should be with DATES and LUKEWARM MILK.
The mother’s diet consisted mostly of MILK and DATES for a week.With that first dose,the
mother is able to carry her baby and walk on her own.
The next day she can do all the work herself.
Now the question here is about milk, so the mother who ate this food never had less milk.

Now take note of the home remedies for low breast milk.

(2).The water that falls when boiling white rice is called Don’t
waste it, but add sugar to it and give it to the mother who is suffering from lack of milk.
The baby will not be breastfed the next day, but you should drink it for a week.
Then every 15 days the mother should drink once …Use fresh rice. Old rice PICH doesn’t taste good.

(3).The third thing is that the mother who drinks half a liter of milk daily throughout the day, never suffers from a shortage of milk.

(4).Fourth thing. Bring the goat’s lungs, cook it, feed the mother, the milk will increase.

(5).Fifth thing. INDIGENOUS TREATMENT. Ingredients….. (a).Badaari Kund,(b).White CUMIN, (c).Almonds,(d).MISRI. بیداری کند، زیرہ سفید،مغزبادام ،مصری۔ All that items grinds and then give a teaspoon in the morning and evening with a glass of MILK 🥛. MISRI can mix in it to make its taste good.
Give good food during pregnancy.
You will get double the return from Allah Almighty for what you spend on the pregnant woman.
Eggs, Meat, fish, vegetables. Get in the habit of feeding so that they can complete their own physical growth. The girls height are very short due to lack of proper food. They do not like every food they eat. What will be the growth if it has come in CHIPS and SAMOSAS?

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