How to get rid of thumb/finger sucking habit of children?

Thumb / finger sucking in children.

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

This habit is very common and most parents are worried about how to get rid of it. The first thing to remember is that this is a “coupling mechanism” for dealing with children’s emotional stress. So for the first 3 years, do not touch it or forbid the child. The vast majority then leaves on their own after this age. But if this habit persists, the shape of the jaw and teeth may deteriorate. In this case you can use one or more of the following methods according to your convenience and the mood of the child:

(1). Explain over and over again … for example about germs, or say that it will ruin the shape of the teeth and make you look “artistic”, or make fun of children at school that he is still “baby”, or will be difficult to speak.

(2). Praise the thumb/finger for not sucking and repeat.

(3). Make a chart and give a star every time you spend an hour without thumb sucking. Give a special reward if you do not suck all day.

(4). Note the times when the intensity of the habit is high. Most children do this while watching TV or sleeping at night. So when the child puts his finger in his mouth while watching TV, turn off the TV for 5 to 10 minutes. If you do this while sleeping, put socks on your hands.

(5). Show videos against it on YouTube. Sometimes what is said does not have the same effect as watching a video

(6). Give food chewelry. Will be found online (chewlery).

(7). Use a plastic device that locks on the thumb.

(8). Use foul-smelling, invisible, swallowable nail polish. For example, thum.

(9). One solution is also ace bandage on the elbow. She will not be able to turn around and the child will not be able to hold her hand to his MOUTH.

Hopefully these methods will definitely benefit them, God willing. If all else fails, get a psychiatrist and see if your child has any permanent problems.
If the shape of the mouth deteriorates, consult a dentist immediately and apply a special device to the palate.

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