How penis become tense and chaotic.

How and why does the PENIS become TENSE & CHAOTIC?

A veil of involuntary muscle is wrapped around the veins near the root of the organ. When these muscles are in motion, their arteries and veins become narrowed and blood flow through them stops. As a result, blood accumulates in the penis and the spongy body of the organ fills with blood.
This tension is called anarchy.
From a medical point of view and according to the anatomy, the touch inside the skin of a particular organ is very sensitive and delicate. Which has created the feature that … Touching or rubbing together creates a strange kind of pleasure and serenity in a man.
Thus lust is present in all the skin of the PENIS but in testees it is very fast.
The second component of lust is power.
This causes chaotic inside the penis.
In tranquility, the organ is particularly soft, loose and hanging down. In a state of chaos, it becomes thick and long and becomes hard and stable.

This penis has two functions:-

(1).A discharge of urine and drops.
(2).The second act of nature, that is, intercourse, pushes the semen out of it with jerks.

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