8 Unparalleled benefits of RADISH.

The unparalleled benefits of RADISH that will make you an integral part of your DIET.

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

RADISH is one of the most widely used vegetables in the subcontinent. It is an annual, furry vegetable. Green leaves sprout directly from the root. It has the same root which is round cylindrical or conical, white or red in color. Radish is very useful for certain diseases and organs.


RADISH is rich in minerals which are very useful for the liver and stomach and give energy to the body. Radish is also very useful for cleansing the blood. It protects red blood cells in the body.


In case of jaundice, the juice of radish leaves is mixed with sugar and fed to the patient.Radish eaters never have jaundice.


Because of the potassium in radish, it controls the amount of potassium and sodium in our blood which controls our blood pressure.


Eating RADISH regularly can lead to weight loss. If you are worried about obesity and want to lose weight, drink lemon and salt in radish juice. This can significantly reduce your weight.


Radishes contain folic acid, vitamin C, which boosts the body’s immune system against cancer, which protects against diseases such as cancer.


Hemorrhoids can be relieved by eating raw radish leaf vegetable. Radish is very useful in case of indigestion or sour belching.A cup of radish juice mixed with Egyptian drink relieves indigestion and sour sweet belching.


Speech relieves swelling and tingling caused by any insect bite. If a worm bites any part of the body, applying radish juice gives a lot of relief.


People who have asthma or shortness of breath should eat radish regularly as it contains ingredients that reduce chest tightness and make breathing easier.

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