Easy homemade way to LENGTHEN HAIR.


The best way to apply oil to the hair is to moisten the hair roots with oil and massage it well. It is also important to shampoo the egg white once or twice a week. This not only strengthens the hair roots but also makes them shiny. Thousands of types of perfumed oils (oils) are sold in the market under the names of Hair Oil. They contain a mixture of white oil which is poisonous to the hair Less dangerous, such oils destroy hair follicles and cause baldness, damaging the brain and eyes.


Cataract and amla oils are also good for hair. If they are pure, they make hair black and strong and do not fall out quickly.The following are the oils that make hair long, shiny and strong: Beetroot water 1 kg. Amla 250 gms. Oil sesame 500 grams.


First put Amla, Berg Mehdi and Berg Dasma in 1 kg of water and boil. The fire should be light. When the water is half burnt, add beetroot water. When these ingredients start to open, add their yellow lentils indiscriminately. Stir the ingredients constantly with a fork. After a while, add sole oil and bring to a boil. When all the water is burnt, take it off the fire, let it cool down, then wash it off. This oil makes the hair very long and shiny.

Soak tamarind in water at night and cool it in the morning.Even longer, the hair grows longer. Do this three times a week, then use coconut oil.

Dip two egg yolks in a glass of warm water. Moisten the hair thoroughly with this water and lightly massage it into the scalp. Moisten the hair with the remaining water. Apply it on the scalp too. K’s hair will become soft and supple.

Banana root juice 1 kg. Beetroot 1 kg. Amla 250 gms. Berg Mehdi 120 gms. Berg Dasma 120 gms. Oil 250 gms. Add beetroot juice, dried amla, dried amla leaves, dasma leaves and boil in banana root juice. The heat should be low. When half of the juice is burnt, add oil. Wash it and put it in a bottle. This oil makes the hair very long.

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