Toxic effects of wearing Pampers on Children.

Damages to the health of Pampers’ children …

Pamper is a diaper-shaped bead made with chemicals and plastics.
Today’s women keep their children wearing these beaded pampers all day long so that they do not have to change the baby’s wet pajamas again and again. Even at night when they sleep, they wear pampers and sleep so that the bed is not wet and they do not change their pajamas. The baby’s pamper is changed in the morning
For women, this facility is available, but the pain that the child suffers from later manifests itself in the form of diseases.
Contaminated germs in a baby’s urine enter the bladder ducts and cause disease.This causes skin rashes and rashes that make the baby restless. Due to the sensitive skin of the baby, small rashes appear there. In this case, mix water with mustard oil to make the baby foam and apply it on the foam rashes. Will calm the baby.
Wetness of pampers causes cold, fever, cough, nasal congestion and pneumonia in children, but it is an external and temporary disease. In these symptoms, mix Kishta Bara Sangha with honey and lick it. And the mats mixed with honey make the doctors feel dizzy. The child gets temporary relief by giving an injection or blue-yellow syrup.
But the real problem comes when a child enters adolescence. Whether the child is a boy or a girl.

The disadvantages of pampers are as follows:-


(b).Itching of the vagina.
(c).Cervical infection.
(d).Urinary incontinence.
(e).Childlessness etc.

IN BOYS……………….

(d).Limb deformity.
(e).And diseases such as shortness of PENIS.

Pampers have become fashionable for women these days. Go back some time. Mothers used to tie diapers for babies from birth to one or two months. They were made at home with soft cloths. As soon as the baby urinates, the mother finds out and changes the baby’s diaper and ass.
At that time, the children were neither very sick nor their health deteriorated, while in the pamper, the child urinates and defecates continuously for several hours, then the pamper is changed.Most mothers complain that the baby drinks milk properly but cries at bedtime, is stubborn and is getting weaker day by day. The main reason for this is the wet pamper which keeps the baby restless. Massage lukewarm oil on the soles of the baby’s feet. Apply to the shoulder after breastfeeding until the baby burps. Hold on to the shoulder. The belching indicates that the baby has digested the milk. Would be nice
The baby’s sexual organs that want to grow but the pampers prevent these organs from growing and the baby gets sexually transmitted DISEASES.

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