Why Children are being sexually abused?


Child sexual abuse means that an adult is found to be involved in a sexual affair with a child. Usually the child does not know that he is being exploited and is being used for wrong purposes due to his innocence and ignorance of sexual matters. He does not know what to do with him. Has been, but he feels uneasy about these things.
Sexual exploitation does not only mean physical contact, but also includes all the things that arouse sexual feelings, such as: showing sexually explicit images to children, etc. Sadly, the more common it is in our society, the worse it is for the child.Parents are just as ignorant of it.


There are two types of child sexual abuse:


It includes the following tasks:
Touching, patting and licking the baby’s genitals.
Forcing the child to touch and play with the adult’s genitals.
Putting something in a child’s genitals or mouth, such as a finger or penis, etc.
Putting the penis in the baby’s mouth.


Show child pornography.
Show your child your genitals.
Seeing the baby without clothes.
Making different sex scenes with the child and taking pictures of them.


Sexual exploitation is usually at the hands of people whom the child knows and trusts.For example: domestic workers, teachers and some close relatives, such as uncles, aunts and cousins. Men are usually involved in sexual exploitation, but some women are also involved, such as: young girls working in the home who are approaching puberty or older women who are older. More and unmarried or married women whose husbands have been living abroad for a long time.


There is no age limit for sexual exploitation, a child of any age can be exploited, even an infant. Therefore, no child should be neglected considering his young age. The general perception is that only girls are sexually exploited and protected, while the fact is that boys are more at risk of sexual assault because parents do not care about the child as a boy. This gives the exploiters a chance, so both boys and girls should be protected equally.


SEXUAL ABUSE has serious and lasting effects on a child’s life.There is a risk of physical harm to the child, but the real harm is emotional and psychological. If sexual exploitation is detected early and a solution is found, it is hoped that the harm will be remedied, but if the child is sexually abused for a long time, he or she will experience severe psychological problems. May be Children do not know what is happening to them in childhood, but as they get older, when they know the reality of what is happening to them, they realize their real loss and they are responsible for it. They hold you accountable and always have a sense of guilt and shame in their hearts. Sometimes these children do the same thing to other children when they grow up.Sometimes these children, when they grow up, do the same thing to other children in retaliation for what has happened to them. Such children are afraid to marry the opposite sex and have sex when they are adults. If the victim is a boy, he may be attracted to homosexuality and is reluctant to marry and have sex with a woman.


The reasons for sexual exploitation are as follows:

(1). Being Late MARRIED:

Late marriages have become commonplace in our society due to various customs, greed to earn more and search for the best relationships. However, from an Islamic point of view, both boys and girls should get married as soon as possible so that they can meet their physical needs in a lawful manner.

(2). Role of TV and MEDIA:

While there are various advantages to media, such as TV, cable, and the Internet, there are also many disadvantages. Obscene and provocative programs, dirty movies and love dramas are playing an important role in spreading misbehavior in our society. Parents should pay special attention to their children’s daily affairs and keep a TV and computer at home where you can keep an eye on them. Your carelessness can be a lifelong illness for a child.

(3). Parental indifference:

There is a lot of parental negligence involved in child sexual abuse. Blind trust in domestic workers, teachers and close relatives and not monitoring the child’s movements can also lead to sexual exploitation.

(4). Unveiled women:

Leaving the house naked, wearing tight clothes and tights also inflames the feelings of non-mahrams and such people are attracted to illicit means when their sexual needs are not met in a lawful manner.In this case, in the case of sexual exploitation of a child and the murder of a child for fear of being caught later, in addition to the media, women wearing nude clothes will also be considered complicit in this crime before Allah and will be held accountable.

(5).An individual’s suspicious behavior:

If someone wants to use your relationship with your child for sexual purposes, you may not know about it clearly and the symptoms may not be obvious, but if you want the person to use your relationship with your child You need to be careful if you are suspicious and feel unsatisfied with the way your child is playing and behaving and feel uncomfortable in your heart.

Be careful with the person concerned due to
the following symptoms:

(1).Kissing the baby even though he doesn’t want to Repeated hugs, wrestling, and touching and tickling girls’ chests with excuses.

(2)۔ Trying to spend more time with children than with your peers.

(3)۔ Insisting on spending time alone with the child.

(4). Gifts to the child, such as: candy biscuits, toys and money for no reason.

(5). Expressing more than one attachment to the other children in the house, showing undue favor in various matters, showing selfish love and making him believe that he is special.

(6).Insist on taking the child out for a walk alone and be ready to come and go at all times.

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