Treatment of SNORING.


In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

SNORING is a disease that usually goes unnoticed, causing people sleeping with you to suffer a lot, nor is snoring apparently recognized as a disease that causes it. There is nothing that can be done about it and it is not taken seriously.
But snoring is a dangerous habit that interferes with breathing. And it increases the risk of heart disease, so treatment is essential. Snoring not only causes heart disease but also forces your spouse to sleep in a separate room and can endanger your marital life.Here are some tips to help you get rid of this disease.

(1). SALT WATER GARGLE: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The most common cause of snoring is nasal congestion and these symptoms are often seen in winter. The other major cause is enlarged nasal bones, nasal infections and swelling which can result. Snoring To get rid of this, salt water can be sprayed in the throat and nose to get rid of the disease. Putting salt in a quarter cup of water and spraying in the nose with the help of a diaper gives relief. Do this before going to bed. The disease will go away within 5 days.

(2).PEPPERMINT OIL: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

PEPPERMINT OIL is a very helpful medicine in eliminating inflammation and it helps to reduce inflammation in the lining of the nasal lining.To use it, put a few drops of mint oil on the finger and apply it on the lower part on both sides of the nose. Or put a few drops of mint oil in water and steam it. Adding mint oil to the water and gargling will also cure the disease.


According to the ancient traditional method of treatment, the use of ghee in this disease is also very beneficial, which is a cure for many diseases, including snoring. Which has been used for centuries to get rid of this disease. Applying a few drops of ghee in the navel also cures the disease. Put a few drops of ghee in the nose before going to bed at night and the disease will disappear. Olive oil: There are many benefits of olive oil, one of which is to get rid of snoring. Excessive nasal congestion is also a major cause of SNORING.



Olive oil has also been used as a traditional remedy for snoring for thousands of years. This oil also strengthens the palate muscles to get rid of snoring. Applying two tablespoons of olive oil on the palate will cure the disease.



Inflammation of the respiratory tract is usually caused by respiratory diseases and allergies which causes snoring. ۔ To use it, put a few leaves of the herb in tea or put dry leaves in a pot and pour boiling water over them and use it after 5 minutes. This herb will also cure the disease.



EUCALYPTUS OIL is considered an important medicine in removing mucus and respiratory obstruction.Which also has the ability to naturally eliminate rhinitis. The best treatment is to steam it. Put 2 to 4 drops of eucalyptus in hot water and steam.

(7). MINT TEA:


MINT OIL is useful for snoring
As well as the treatment, MINT TEA ☕ also removes the stickiness of the lungs and the menthol in it eliminates the inflammation of the respiratory tract, while mint also contains vitamins, minerals and mint. Boil and use 8 to 10 mint leaves before going to bed at night. The treatment can be done by using ginger, garlic and changing the sleeping patterns and times to get rid of snoring. In addition, weight gain can be a major cause of SNORING. SNORING can be reduced by controlling WEIGHT.

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