5 Bathing habits that can severely damage your SKIN

5 Bathing Habits that harm Your SKIN.

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent,The Most Merciful

When it comes to bathing, people generally think that the longer and more soap is applied, the better, although science has not confirmed anything like that.
In addition, there are many misconceptions and misconceptions about bathing that cause our skin to be harmed rather than benefited by bathing.


Some people have a habit of washing their body with soap and water once and then applying soap again. This habit is not correct at all. If you take a bath twice a day or daily then certain parts of the body.Applying soap on (private parts) is enough. Applying soap on hands and feet twice a day or twice a day makes the skin dry, itchy and lifeless, the skin begins to lose moisture and so does the sun’s rays. Affects the skin rapidly.
If you are looking forward to bathing daily, use natural soap (basin, oatmeal powder) twice a week or take a detox bath.

(2).🗞 TOWEL, 🍞 LOAF (bath sponge) To LEAVE WET. 🗞

Dermatologists say that many fungi, bacteria and infections on our skin are caused by the wrong way of bathing. Many people chew chewing gum while bathing, some people use phone and some people dry their body after bathing. They cool down for a long time by wearing clothes without it.Similarly, 3% of people hang their bath sponge (loofah) on the shower so that it does not dry out and germs grow in it. Comes on the skin which poses a risk of fungus.


If you use any kind of spray on your hair, then wash your hair daily, otherwise wash your hair twice a week with shampoo. Most of us apply shampoo every day to strengthen our hair. If someone’s hair is weak and thin and he keeps shampooing his hair daily, his hair will soon fall into his hands.If you shampoo twice a week, use only conditioning the rest of the day or wash your hair with natural ingredients such as coconut water, amla, retha or baking soda. Most people also apply conditioner to the hair roots which is the wrong way So don’t use shampoo or conditioner on the roots if the hair feels too messy.


Bathing in LUKEWARM WATER removes dead skin cells, dust and dirt immediately and gives new energy to the skin but the question arises how hot a cup of water is and how long to take a bath? Most of us One prefers to take an hour bath while the standard duration of bathing in the whole world is only ten minutes. Dermatologists believe that after bathing in lukewarm water, if plain 💦 Water (slightly cold) is poured on the body once then excess body fat begins to melt, immunity is increased and at the same time mental stress also decreases.


Some people become so relaxed after bathing that they want to go to bed immediately. If you wear wet bath towels or wet clothes after bathing and do not moisturize yourself, your skin will age very quickly. In the same way, women wear a towel on their wet hair, which stretches Caesar’s skin and breaks the hair. It is better to dry the hair in natural air than to rub a towel on the head. ♣ ♦ ♣

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