Dangerous Consequences of Oral SEX and related diseases.


Oral sex means oral sex. It involves kissing, licking, and sucking. Some men and women are watching porn movies and some men start oral sex because their wife’s vagina is loose and weak, while a woman can tighten her vagina in many ways if she is sensible. But very few men and women have that information.

If the wives refuse to do so, the men are forced to do so Which is totally illegal from the Shariah moral point of view. A man does not have the right to force his wife to do anything, but on the other hand, it is not a joke if the wife does it of her own free will.

It is haraam to have sex in the place of anas. If one does so, no one can stop him from falling prey to the wrath of God. This act is considered extremely undesirable.

Oral sex, where oral sex is extremely pleasurable, can lead to serious illness if left unchecked.


These are diseases that can also be called infectious diseases.The ultimate limit is to cause cancer in the brain, mouth, throat, palate, posterior, ovary, uterus, penis and testicles.

The cause of its spread starts when a man has oral sex with a sick infected woman or a man. Similarly, a woman has oral sex with a non-infected or infected man on her clitoris. These infectious diseases include Gonorrhoea. Gonorrhea, or syphilis, which, if treated immediately, can be eradicated before it becomes a cancer, or HPV infection, but there are also some sexually transmitted diseases that cannot be cured.

Oral sex in which men and women take many positions and take 69 positions and artificially orgasm each other to the limit of pleasure. There is no haram in this process.To increase the pleasure of sex, this process should be done to the extent of kissing for a while. Husband and wife, if they are willing to have oral sex, it is best, but remember that semen or dirty water, whether the man’s It is haraam and it is a very easy way to spread the disease. Whenever oral sex is done, it is a precaution for those donkeys who are always living on donkeys. It is important that the bacteria in the dirty place do not enter the stomach through the process of licking and sucking. If the wife is pregnant, the germs can harm the baby. Precaution is better than cure.

The big and important thing is not to trust a non-woman, girlfriend, boyfriend or sex worker.That he can be free from any kind of infection. People who can be naked or naked in front of a woman for the sake of their personal pleasure, money or illicit friendship. Who can guarantee that this man has been with someone before? Donkeys have nothing to do with this diet and caution because donkeys are donkeys after all. I don’t think they have any competition with horses or humans. Would have gone

Most importantly, sucking the penis vigorously in oral sex makes the skin of the penis top very delicate and thin which causes the muscles of the limb to gradually weaken.The harder the sucking, the harder it will be to exhale each time because the weaker layers of the cracked muscle stretch reduce the feeling and sag or the skin on the top becomes so delicate. It is also known that the mouth, throat and palate of the person fulfilling this demand are also affected by wearing a cloth. The skin of all the walls inside the palate or mouth is rubbed and blood clots in different places up to the throat. The skin of the throat also gets peeled off due to friction in the cycle of taking or being taken away and there is also a risk of infection in the same place. Therefore, caution should be exercised. The wife should be considered as a human being. It can also injure the limb and such a case has been reported Infections caused by the HPV virus.

(1). Genital warts
(2). Anal cancer
(3). Penile Cancer
(4). Vaginal cancer
(5). Oropharyngeal Cancer

(HPV) infection
The most common cause of cancer is a sexually transmitted infection that can cause cancer in both men and women. This infection works silently and internally if the male and female immune systems are strong. So this disease is over, it also happens to the lucky ones.

HPV can be spread from an infected person through the anus, oral, vagina. However, the virus can also be spread by touching another infected person. Because the entire skin of the body is filled with warts from place to place, people who are infected with the virus usually do not show any special symptoms, so it is very easy to transmit.Skin diseases caused by the HPV virus include:


Appear in the form of lumps, can be in the form of large or small warts


Warts that look like little cabbage or just look flat and white
Warts are usually itchy, irritated and can bleed if scratched. When the symptoms are checked, the infection usually starts 2 to 3 months ago. However, in many cases the symptoms do not appear even after many years of infection. Both men and women usually do not realize the presence of the disease until they have a check-up from a doctor.


WARTS are found on the hands, feet, neck and face.


About 80% of people over the age of 60 are diagnosed with anal cancer. Anal cancer is more common in men before the age of 35. Repeated anal intercourse accelerates the growth of cancer in the anus. Patients with weakened immune systems are more likely to develop this cancer. The most common symptom of anal cancer is bleeding. Itching in the anus can also be a symptom of the disease. Other symptoms include pain or pressure in the anus, a lump near the anus, and swelling in the bowel.


Organ cancer starts in the skin cells of the penis and spreads to the inside. Although rarely cured, the cancer progresses to an early stage.Experts estimate that people who are not circumcised have a higher risk of developing this cancer than others.

This type of cancer is more likely to occur in men aged 15 to 60 years, smokers and people with weakened immune systems.

The following are the common symptoms of penile cancer.

(a).Thickness or color change on the skin of the penis.
(b). It usually appears on the tip of the skin of a man’s uncircumcised penis.

(c). Pain in the penis.

(d).Swelling at the tip of the penis
A lump under the skin of an organ.

(e).The penis looks blue.

(f). The tip of the skin of the penis gives off an unpleasant odor that has not been circumcised.


Vaginal cancer is also a dangerous case, vaginal cancer is mostly at the level of the vagina. In the early stages, this cancer shows no symptoms. However, over time it can cause symptoms such as

Abnormal bleeding from the vagina, for example after intercourse,

(a).Licorice that is persistent and stinks.

(b).Complaint of infertility.

(c).The baby dies in the womb before birth.

(d).Warts infection in the baby shortly after birth.

(e).A lump in the vagina.

(f).Frequent urination.



According to US Cancer Treatment Centers, HPV causes throat cancer, especially OROPHARYNGEAL CANCER.OROPHARYNGEAL is a cancer that attacks the back of the throat, including the surface of the tongue and tonsils. It is possible in both men and women

Oral sex is a method of artificial pleasure which is also used to perform condoms. Some men put a condom on the penis and put it in a woman’s mouth. The lubrication on the condom goes through the mouth into the stomach which is very dangerous. To avoid all these troubles, it is better for the wife to have Kegel exercise. She should make pomegranate peels in which pomegranate tree root, pomegranate leaves and pomegranate leaves should be added and honey should be added to it and two glasses twice a day If you drink it, the vagina becomes quite tight in a month, except when a man inserts an organ inside the vagina.At the same time, a woman should squeeze and shrink her vagina. A man’s throat can be removed by this process. It is better to understand the importance and benefits of natural methods than dirt and ways to improve it should be taken in a short way so that sex can be fully enjoyed only through vagina. A few days of hard work on something that has gone wrong fixes it.

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