Easy tips to prevent gallstones.

Easy tips to help prevent Gallbladder stones.

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

If your bladder is not working properly, you may have problems with gallstones as well as stomach acidity, gas, nausea, vomiting and stomach pain.

What is the Gallbladder, The bladder is located in the lower right side of the LIVER in your abdomen, and this guava-shaped organ contains a bile.

This fluid is formed in the LIVER which helps in digestion of fats and certain vitamins.

When you eat, the body signals to excrete it.

However, if they do not work properly, they can cause stones as well as stomach acidity, gas, nausea, vomiting and stomach pain.

However, there are some foods that help the bladder perform its functions properly While others make it difficult to work.

Never skip meals.

As mentioned above, the Gallbladder excretes bile when you eat something. When you do not eat, this fluid starts to accumulate, which causes the cholesterol level in the Gallbladder to rise. Over time, this fatty substance builds up. Taxes take the form of stones.

Commodity best friend.

Commodities such as wheat, barley or others contain fiber that protects the heart by lowering the levels of fiber that is harmful to health while keeping Gallbladder stones away. The use of fiber stimulates the digestive system and eliminates bile from the body. The use of high fiber foods such as commodities is beneficial in this regard.

Achieve a healthy weight.

Obesity increases the risk of Gallbladder stones along with other diseases, a study found that obesity increases the risk of Gallbladder stones by 3 times as it increases the body weight and Gallbladder. Affects its functions, which raises cholesterol levels.

Love fruits and vegetables

Green leafy vegetables, such as fruits and vegetables, contain vitamins C and E, which protect the Gallbladder from various hazards. Fruits and vegetables also have high levels of water and fiber, which help keep the stomach full for a long time. , Which also helps in weight loss.

Less use of fried foods

Fried foods make Gallbladder function difficult, foods that are high in fat that raise blood cholesterol levels also increase the risk of Gallbladder stones. These foods are also high in calories, which increases the risk of obesity and its damage has been listed above.

Berries 🍒 and peppers 🌶️ are also beneficial.

These colorful fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C. According to medical research reports, this vitamin reduces the risk of Gallbladder diseases, while its deficiency in the body can increase the level of cholesterol in the bile which ends up in the form of stones.

Use adequate amount of 💦 Water* *

The importance of water in life can be denied and its deficiency can be harmful to Gallbladder as well as other diseases, as water helps to empty the organ and prevents bile from accumulating, which Protects against stones and other problems.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is good for ❤️ HEART health but it also benefits the Gallbladder, it contains a fat that helps to empty the Gallbladder.

  • PHYSICAL activities
  • Physical activity burns calories, cheers up the mood and reduces the risk of leaf disease. According to medical research reports, physical activity can reduce the risk of Gallbladder diseases by up to 25%.
  • Enjoy the Dry Fruits too*
  • ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Almond, WALNUTS and other DRY fruits 🥝🥑are rich in fiber and healthy fats, they contain a number of ingredients that block the body’s process of absorbing cholesterol, which can also be protected from Gallbladder stones.


Eating less meat and paying more attention to pulses, seeds, etc. is better for Gallbladder functions, as fat red meat can cause swelling in the BLADDER (if eaten too much). Moderate consumption of fatty foods such as fried foods, cheese, ice cream and meat is also beneficial for Gallbladder health.

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