Hormones of happiness.

HORMONES of HAPPINESS. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
4 Hormones that determine happiness in human beings.

There are four hormones that make a person feel happy:


(2). Dopamine.


We feel happy because of these four hormones, so it is important that we know about these four hormones


When we exercise, our body releases ENDORPHINS to deal with the pain so that we can enjoy the exercise. In addition, when we watch comedy, read jokes, this hormone is produced in our body. So for a dose of this happiness-producing hormone, we should exercise at least 20 minutes a day and watch some jokes and comedy videos.


In the journey of life, we accomplish many small and big tasks, when we complete a task our body releases DOPAMINE. And that makes us happy.
When we are praised for our work in the office or at home, we feel successful and good, this feeling is due to dopamine.
Now you can understand why women are generally not happy with housework because no one appreciates housework.
Whenever we buy a new mobile, car, new house, new clothes or anything, our body releases dopamine. And we are happy.
Now, you will understand why we feel happy after shopping.


When we do something for the benefit of others, SEROTONIN is released from inside us and makes us feel happy.
Providing useful information on the Internet, communicating good information to people, answering people’s questions on blogs, Quora and Facebook, inviting people to Islam or your good ideas all produce serotonin and we feel happy. Ϋ”


When we get close to other human beings, it leaves our body.
When we shake hands or hug our friends, the body releases oxytocin.
The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Oxytocin is released when we hold someone in our arms and a feeling of happiness is created.

πŸ“Œ It is very easy to be happy: –

We need to exercise every day to get endorphins.
We have to get Dopa Mine by completing small tasks.
Getting serotonin by helping others.
Finally, you need to get oxytocin by hugging your children, spending time with family and friends.

That way we will be happy. And when we are happy, it will be easier for us to deal with our problems and challenges.

Now you understand why it is important to hug your baby immediately if he is in a bad mood

For children:

(a). Encourage them to play physical games on the ground in addition to mobile or video games.(ENDORPHINS).

(b). Appreciate the child for small and big achievements, appreciate the appreciation.(DOPAMINE).

(c).Get your child in the habit of sharing things and helping others.For this help yourself by telling OTHERS.(SEROTONIN).

(d). Cuddle your baby in your arms.(OXYTOCIN).

Be happy. Keep sharing joys. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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2 thoughts on “Hormones of happiness.

  1. Simple messages can make a huge difference in how we look at life and what we do to make life better. Thank you. I discussed Melatonin in my BLOG entry yesterday, plus in at least one previous post. As we age we produce less, so supplements are important. Melatonin also had some prophylactic properties against virus infection. May I link this post on my next post?

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