How can girls control weight without dieting after marriage?

Dietary weight control tips made after marriage.

Girls don’t do anything to enhance their health and beauty before marriage but get lost in the joys and responsibilities of marriage and start taking care of the happiness of others more than their own health which makes some girls less In the same period, they suffer from irritability, lethargy, nervous weakness, blood pressure and joint pain, but if the girls know a few eating habits, they can live their married life with health and happy feelings. Here are some tips to help you lose weight and control your diet:

(1).Before marriage, every girl should get a hemoglobin check on the advice of her doctor in order to take care of their health in the same way after marriage. Some girls suffer from blood and iron deficiency. They should consume more beetroot, meat and green leafy vegetables after marriage.

(2). To control weight after marriage, do not use cold drinks in invitations, so that weight and diseases do not arise. (Ingredients in cold drinks cause problems such as infertility).

(3). Most girls suffer from anxiety, nervousness and irritability due to changes in the environment and circumstances after marriage for which omega-3 is the best treatment that strengthens the heart and To get omega-3s, you should eat fish once a week, or walnuts or flax seeds, which increase the levels of fatty acids and estrogens.

(4).It is better for girls to spend money on their health than to spend their husband’s money on making clothes or jewelry and eating food in the market so that they can become good wives and good mothers with good health.

(5).No antibiotics should be used immediately after marriage on the advice of a doctor.

(6).If the use of green tea is out of budget, then you should drink cinnamon and lemon coffee at night.

(7).Married couples should avoid drinking water at bedtime. Use lukewarm milk instead of water

(8).After marriage, girls should eat only dried fruits (walnuts, figs or coconuts which are cheaper) And strengthens the uterus.

(9).Tomatoes and turmeric are the best solution to prevent cancer in women after marriage. After marriage, girls should drink a cup of lukewarm milk with a quarter teaspoon of turmeric.

(10).Dark chocolate is better than ice cream for newlyweds. Experts say that chocolate contains PEA, a chemical that reduces anger and stress and evokes feelings of love.

(11).Broccoli is an expensive vegetable but it eliminates problems that arise after marriage (skin diseases, uterine rupture).

(12). Every vegetable contains a lot of it, but after marriage, girls who suffer from weakness, fatigue and lethargy should use more capsicum, green coriander, beetroot and mushrooms.

(13).Sugarcane is a delicious and healthy vegetable, you can use it as a snack. It is said that women who eat sugar sugar are more likely to have twins.

(14). Why should a boy eat popcorn after marriage?

(15). Married girls should not drink tea before going to bed. A little coffee can be taken instead.

(16).Fresh jalebi and milk works as medicine for married girls. Eating hot milk jalebi three times a week does not cause sexual problems.

(17). After marriage, girls should eat admiring garlic which controls blood circulation and should use ginger at night which helps in hormonal balance.

(18). Some girls lose weight within a few years of marriage or women who want to become mothers should use (pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, banana and canoa).

(19). Girls who want to become mothers should use pumpkin seeds immediately after marriage.

(20). Pears are said to be the friend of women. Its use strengthens the body of women and restores sexual energy.

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