Heartburn_____Causes and best treatment.


HEARTBURN is extremely painful for the affected patient, the cause of which is gastrointestinal upset i.e. acidity in it, liver treatment should be made mandatory if the treatment is not progressing.

Excessive consumption of fast food and lack of exercise are seriously destroying the health of modern man. It is having a very bad effect on the digestive system in particular, which is why the problems of heartburn, gas and acidity are increasing rapidly.

Chest acidity is actually a symptom of fatal diseases such as cancer and hepatitis B. In this case, instead of being digested properly, the food reaches the esophagus in the form of acid, which causes severe HEARTBURN.If proper diet is not eaten, the stomach is affected and then it is not uncommon to experience heaviness, gas and heartburn after eating.

There can be many reasons for acidity, for which a liver test must be done, especially men and women in their fifties must have all the tests of their liver. It can also cause cancer.

There are hundreds of heartburn remedies available in the market but here we will introduce you to the natural tips for treating heartburn.


The use of large cardamom is magical in terms of acidity in the chest, for this seven grains should be eaten before each meal.

(2).Use of 🥒 “CUCUMBER” and 🌹 💦 “ROSE WATER”.

The use of CUCUMBER 🥒 and rose liqueur is also important in relieving heartburn. The method is to mix half a cup of rose liqueur and half a cup of cucumber juice and drink it before eating and also seven cardamom seeds with it. Eat, this prescription is very experienced in treating the disease.


Chewing gum increases the amount of saliva combustion, which helps to normalize the effects of food that causes stomach acidity.

(4). Drink a glass 🥂” GLASS of WATER” 💦.

According to a research, water often works faster than medicine in case of heartburn because it increases the amount of a chemical in your stomach which makes you feel relieved.

(5). Changing BODY POSITION.

Instead of bending over after eating, stand up straight to help your food stay in your stomach and be digested. Instead of sleeping on your stomach, sleep on your right or left side. These common points significantly reduce heartburn.


Exercising deep breathing allows a lot of air to enter you, which increases muscle strength and reduces the symptoms of gastric acidity. This exercise is very simple. Just take a deep breath and then slowly exhale.

(7).AVOID foods that cause HEARTBURN.

THINGS that cause heartburn include coffee, chocolate, soda, meat, milk, spicy foods, fried foods and acidic foods.So they can’t be left out completely, but it is best to use them in moderation.

(8).Consumption of protein rich foods.

A protein-rich diet raises the lower gastrointestinal tract and acidity does not cause heartburn, but fatty foods reduce gastrointestinal pressure, which makes heartburn more common.


As mentioned above, heartburn is more common in obese people because they eat too much, which increases the pressure on the digestive system and produces acidity. Low food intake and weight loss can help relieve HEARTBURN.

(10). AVOID SMOKING “🚭🚬”

Tobacco contains chemicals that damage the lower part of the esophagus. When this part is damaged, any type of food can cause acidity in the stomach and heartburn.


Feeling irritated when you go to bed shortly after eating? This is because it is going through the process of digesting the food and the acid in the stomach, when you go to bed it enters the esophagus. Make it a habit to sleep at least two hours after eating so that the food can be digested.

(12).A pinch of BAKING SODA 🥤.

BAKING SODA has many benefits and helps to relieve HEARTBURN faster.Mix a quarter teaspoon of baking soda in a quarter cup of water and drink. If the burning sensation persists, drink this drink again.


ALOE VERA JUICE can also be helpful in this regard. If you often suffer from heartburn, drink a quarter to half a cup of aloe vera juice before meals or at any time of the day, when you feel HEARTBURN.

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