CLOVE and it’s enormous benefits.

Amazing medical benefits of CLOVE.

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Experts have described the following medical benefits of CLOVE after research.


Research has shown that cloves play an important role in maintaining the internal health and well-being of the mouth. Scientists have compared clove mouthwashes to the best mouthwashes in the world, and found that cloves are better and more effective than the world’s most expensive mouthwashes.
Clove mouthwashes have been shown to be very helpful in reducing gum damage and tooth decay. The powerful ingredients in cloves eliminate irritation and reduce inflammation by eliminating mouth germs.

Get rid of DIABETES.

Studies have shown that nitric oxide, a component derived from cloves, increases insulin absorption in mice and reduces insulin resistance. These mice were diabetic, and niggren also improved beta cell function by improving the pancreas.
Experts powdered cloves and fed them to rats. The rats that were given clove powder had lower blood sugar levels than other rats, which was measured in terms of blood glucose. It should be noted that in this experiment, both groups of mice were diabetic.

A weapon against CANCER.

Living is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent cell breakdown and DNA damage.According to experts, the amount of antioxidants in half a teaspoon of clove powder is more than half a cup of blueberries.
Another study found that cloves slow the growth of many types of cancer cells and have also been shown to be effective in colon cancer. This process has also been tested on cancer-stricken mice, which have been shown to have amazing success in reducing cancerous tumors. Cancer is a rapidly spreading disease and living stops this process.

Eliminate OBESITY.

The beneficial ingredients in cloves reduce the process of fat formation throughout the body and especially in the liver. Experiments on mice have shown that certain chemicals derived from cloves prevent OBESITY and remove fat from the whole body.




While there are many benefits to clove oil, some side effects and harms have also been reported. Clove oil can cause inflammation of the eyes, respiratory tract and skin. It can ignite quickly and can be fatal if ingested.
According to a reported case, a one-and-a-half-year-old child was given 10 ml of clove oil by his mother, who immediately fell into a coma and later died of liver failure.
In this regard, it is better to use clove only on the advice of your doctor …

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