The Secret of a happy and ideal life.

There is a lot to read on how to be happy in life, how to make it work and how to build a happy relationship. However, how to live a contented, long, prosperous and hopeful life, spanning several decades and how to cope with the unexpected ups and downs of life throughout this journey without complaining, it may be difficult to find such reliable material. Is.

The only way to do this is to observe a lot of people throughout their lives and see what are the factors that keep them happy and help them to live a full life. Fortunately, Harvard Medical School has done just that.Harvard has conducted the world’s largest study of adult development. Experts are calling the study a rare endeavor in the world of medical science, involving only healthy people.

The study looked at men and women from three categories, from youth to old age. The study was conducted over a period of six to eight decades without interruption.

The first sample includes 268 socially privileged Harvard graduates born around 1920. The second sample includes 456 “socially backward and inland” blue collars born around 1930. The third sample consisted of 90 talented middle-class women born around 1910.The research on all three models is the world’s longest study of human physical and mental health, adult development and women’s development, respectively.

There is much to be learned from a century of research on nearly a thousand people. George Valent, a professor at Harvard Medical School, has been working on the research for 30 years. In the light of this research, they have identified 6 principles of living a happy and fulfilling life.


This is normal, but perhaps none of us consider its effects on life. Research says smoking cessation until the age of 50 is the biggest component of a healthy life.Premature deaths are more common among smokers who have been smoking since college (smoking a pack or more for 30 years).

Excessive alcohol consumption affects not only your health but also your social relationships. Some people consume alcohol because they suffer from mental health problems, but research has shown that alcohol itself causes stress and depression, and that such a person is less likely to be happy in the long run.


It should come as no surprise, then, that Harvard graduates were found to be healthier at 70 years of age than backward blue-collar workers.In the journey of getting more education, a person adopts better and healthier habits and lifestyle.


What will be the income of a child when he grows up? It can be predicted by how much love he received as a child. “A child’s high income when he grows up does not depend on what social class his parents belong to, but on how much he was loved by his parents as a child. However, research has shown that the scars of lack of love in childhood can be healed through good loving spouses or friends in adolescence. Man needs love the most in childhood,However, finding love in any part of life brings a positive change. The adage “come late, come right” is apt.


Family wealth does not determine success. The most important factor in determining success in life is ‘how you treat people in life’. Observing the lives of the people in all three models shows that your success depends on you. It’s not about the level of intelligence or the parent’s class, but about your social aptitude or in other words, emotional intelligence. It determines how successful we are at building and maintaining relationships. The point is, love is life. ………


It means how you react to painful thoughts and feelings created by difficult people. When things don’t go their way, teens scream, sneeze and blame everyone but themselves. This does not lead to good results. Selflessness, philanthropy, refinement, perseverance and good humor give the impression of a mature personality. People who are capable of dealing with problems and difficulties in a mature way and do not react like a selfish and childish person are always ahead of their time.


Become a youth consultant, coach, mentor and guide.The study found that people in their 50s were three to six times happier and more self-satisfied than those who did not let go of their teenage selfishness. Coins It’s okay to be selfish in adolescence because at this age you are going through the stage of self-learning and you have to build your future, however the best way after the age of 30 is to be selfless Become Research has shown that in the seventh decade of their life, those who started returning to society at the age of 30 to 45 were happier and more satisfied.

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