Do you know These DANGEROUS Consequences of STOPPING URINATION?

Dangerous Consequences of Stopping URINATION

There are some essentials in human life which, if done on time, make things right.

Such cases include urinating, which must be done at the exact moment when a person’s brain signals to urinate.

However, sometimes people stop urinating for a long time due to lack of a safe and suitable place to urinate or due to busyness.

Although a clean and safe place to urinate protects against diseases and infections, busy urination is extremely harmful.

According to experts, urinary incontinence not only causes many complex changes in the human body but also causes many serious health problems.Urinary incontinence usually affects the stomach, liver and kidneys, while the process also affects the bladder immediately and increases the chances of weakening

According to health experts, urinary retention usually weakens the muscles outside the bladder, after which a small amount of urine begins to leak and it affects other internal organs of the body, including the kidneys and stomach. .

Experts say that even if one or two urinary incontinences are not likely to cause such problems, the consequences can be serious if this trend continues and delayed toilet access is made normal .

Delayed going to the toilet can cause constipation complaints,On the other hand, due to the changes taking place in the human body when the urine is withheld, the person also begins to weaken.

This process increases a person’s abdominal pain, pain around the bladder and kidneys, stomach irritation and sometimes the risk of kidney failure.

Experts say that withholding urine also leads to urinary incontinence in humans which can lead to a major disease, so use as much water as possible, including timely urination.

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