Who is Responsible for the FAILURE of Children?.

WHO is Responsible for the FAILURE of CHILDREN?

Sometimes the unwarranted love and attention of the parents causes the children to be spoiled. That is why even when parents scold their children when they need to, it does not affect them. This often happens while studying. When parents scold their children for something, they don’t care. Most parents complain that their children are far ahead in other activities, but far behind in education.

There can be many reasons why children are not interested in education. Some children are so interested in sports that they do not pay attention to their studies. Also consider bored.Sometimes these little things cause trouble. They think that children will not be able to fulfill their dreams. Parents should try to understand the issues that are keeping them away from education instead of being angry at their children. Parents should not impose their wishes on their children. If the child wants to study Urdu instead of science, then let them read Urdu only. Do not force them to read the subject of their choice, because in this way their interest in reading decreases. Therefore, it is important that you Let your children read the articles they want instead of slapping them.

Most parents want their child to become a doctor or an engineer,When a child wants to go into another profession, he has to sacrifice his desire for the sake of his parents. As a result, the child lags behind other children in reading. Such attitude of parents is a big obstacle in the way of children’s educational development. Never be so strict with your children, let them read according to their hobbies and interests. Get the news

Parents should stay in touch with teachers to keep abreast of their children’s performance, as parents who stay away from their children’s educational activities.Their children are not very active in reading. Some parents make their children compete with children of their own age and if a child gets good marks, they keep telling the child that this attitude of the parents is completely wrong. Yes, because not every child is necessarily the same mentally.

Doing so creates a feeling of deprivation in children and some children become so discouraged that they even stop reading and writing. All these reasons affect children mentally as well as reading. Therefore, children get angry. First of all, make sure that you are not guilty.

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