Sharing a few things can be dangerous.

10 items that really shouldn’t be shared.


In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Every home must have some common items that all members of the household use together – but experts have described the practice of sharing certain household items as extremely dangerous and harmful to health. According to the following items, people should never share with each other because in this way the disease in one person can be transmitted to another person.


You may not even realize it, but the fact is that earphones are full of germs – and these germs reach the earphones when they are inserted into the ears.When earwax sticks to these earphones and reaches other people’s ears, they can become infected.


It is a common habit among Pakistani women to often share earrings for going to a party – but this is also a very dangerous process because of inserting earrings in the ear piercings. They are transmitted through the bloodstream and thus the germs in one person’s blood can be easily transmitted to another person.


Even if the toothbrush is not left open, germs are still present in it – these germs are transmitted from the human mouth to the toothbrush while brushing – so it is important to avoid using another person’s brush and don’t let anyone use your toothbrush.


Although sharing toothpaste is not as harmful as using a toothbrush, experts say that while applying toothpaste to a toothbrush, germs can also enter the tube – so avoid this process as much as possible.


In winter, chip sticks are used to prevent chapped lips – but sharing them is also dangerous – when applied to the lips, germs from the mucous membranes stick to it and Chepsticks enter another person’s bloodstream when they are used.


The germs on the face are not transmitted to others by the use of the cream, the germs on the tips of one person’s fingers can certainly enter the cream bottle and thus reach the other person easily.


You may not even realize how dangerous sharing a teaser used to correct eyebrows can be – someone else’s teaser used on their skin can cause many diseases in your blood. Only the use of a teaser on the eyelids is safe.


It is a common practice in our country that the same nail cutter is used by the whole family – but according to experts, it is also a very dangerous process and so the common diseases in one person’s fingernails are transmitted to another person.


The first thing to always use is a dry towel – the second important thing is that the towel should always be separate, otherwise many types of viruses in other people and a specific eye disease can be easily transmitted to you.


There are no two opinions that soap is one and everyone uses it – but experts have described this process as as dangerous as sharing towels because sharing soap will spread all those viruses and diseases to others. Can be transmitted through the sharing of towels …

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