Prescription to get rid of “Bad Breath”.

  • Prescription to get rid of bad breath *
    In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

The reason is that anyone can like the offensive box in the breath? Because it spoils the impression of the whole personality.

There can be various causes of bad breath, such as smoking medications or your diet.

Basically all foods are broken down into pieces in the mouth and if you eat strong smelling foods like garlic or onions, their smell does not go away until these foods pass through the body. If teeth are not brushed daily, food particles remain in the mouth, increasing the number of germs between the teeth, gums and tongue that cause bad breath.

But the good thing is that It is possible to overcome this problem with a few minor changes and home remedies.

Here are some simple and natural solutions.

  • Brush and spray *
  • One of the easiest ways to get rid of bad breath is to ensure good dental hygiene. Brushing and brushing your teeth daily (twice a day if possible) reduces the number of bacteria that cause bad breath. Breaking may seem difficult, but it helps to remove food particles trapped in the teeth that cause bacteria to grow and cause an unpleasant odor. It is also important to change the toothbrush every 2 to 3 months so that its fibers do not weaken over time and become ineffective for cleaning teeth.
  • Tongue cleaning* :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  • Growing bacteria that cause bad breath is a breeding ground, but most people ignore it while brushing their teeth. After brushing your teeth, use this brush to clean your tongue or you can buy a tongue cleaning device which will always keep this problem away.


Want to get rid of bad breath in 10 seconds or less? So drink water quickly, a common cause of unpleasant odor is dry mouth, slow growth of saliva combustion increases the growth of bacteria which causes bad breath, which is why when you wake up in the morning you breathe. If it is very smelly, drinking water after waking up or drinking adequate amount of water throughout the day can prevent this problem.

  • Look at DIET*
  • Some foods are known to cause bad breath,So an easy tip to get rid of this problem is not to eat them. Avoid foods that are high in acid or high in sugar, as both of these stimulate bacterial growth. Peel an apple or some yogurt if you want to get rid of bad breath immediately.
  • Mouthwash *
  • By the way, mouthwash is only to freshen the breath, but they can hide this unpleasant odor for a while, if you are using mouthwash as a solution to the problem of bad breath. So choose a product that can stop the growth of bacteria, which will help to get rid of the unpleasant odor. You can also prepare a mouthwash at home,For this purpose, mix a teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of mint oil in a cup of water and avoid swallowing.
  • Eat FENNEL*
  • If you can’t find anything, go to the kitchen and put a pinch of fennel in your mouth and chew it. The antiseptic effect of fennel prevents the growth of bacteria while its aroma hides the smell of breath.
  • CLOVE is also helpful *
  • Clove contains a type of oil called eugenol, which has the property of killing bacteria. To take advantage of this, put a clove in your mouth and chew it and then keep rubbing it on the tongue. Spit out the cloves.
  • Get help with CINNAMON *
  • Like fennel and cloves, cinnamon is also an antiseptic spice.While the fat in it kills germs and increases the odor in the mouth, just suck some of it and solve the problem.
  • Fruit Peels *
  • Wash and chew the peel of a lemon or malt in your mouth, it will bring instant refreshment to the breath while the citric acid in the peel will help increase the amount of saliva combustion.
  • Green Vegetables ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  • Coriander,Mint and other respiratory odors can help as they contain chlorophyll which removes odors.

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