Treatment of diseases with the blessings of 99 attributes of ALLAH.

Treatment of diseases with the blessings of 99 attributes of ALLAH. .. .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 🌹 99 اَسْمَآءُالْحُسْنٰى اور انکے فضائل 🌹

(Read Durood-e-Sharif once and at the beginning and end of each verse.)

  • 1- يَارَحْمٰنُ: *
    Whoever recites it 298 times after the morning prayers, may God Almighty have mercy on him.
  • 2- يَارَحِيْمُ: *
    Whoever reads it 500 times a day will get wealth and the creatures will be kind and compassionate towards him.
  • 3- يَاْمَلِكُ: *
    The poor who read 90 times a day will get rid of poverty.
  • 4ْ. يَاقُدُّوسُ: *
    He who keeps reciting during the journey will be protected from fatigue.
  • 5- يَاسَلَامُ: *
    Reading it 111 times and breathing on the sick will bring healing.
  • 6- يَامُؤْمِنُ: *
    If a patient reads 115 times and breathes on himself, he will recover.
  • 7- يَامُهَيْمِنُ: *
    The one who reads 29 times a day will be safe from every calamity.
  • 8- يَاعَزِيزُ: *
    Read it 41 times before going to the governor or officer. They will be kind. .
  • *. 9- يَاجَبَّارُ: *
    The one who keeps his word will be protected from backbiting.
  • 10ْ.ـ يَامُتَكَبِّرُ: *
  • Reading 21 times before going to bed will not cause nightmares.
  • Reading 10 times before meeting his wife will make him the father of a good son.
  • 11- يَاخَالِقُ: *
    Whoever reads it 300 times, his enemy will be defeated.
  • 12ْ.ـ يَابَارِئُ: *
    Those who read 10 times every Friday will be given a son
  • 13ْ.ـ يَامُصَوِّر: ُ *
    A barren woman who fasts for 7 days and recites Al-Musawr 21 times during Iftar and drinks water while breathing will be given a good son.
  • 14- يَاغَفَّار: *
    The one who always reads it will get rid of the evil desires of the self.
  • ُ15- یَاقَهَّار: ُ *
    It will be easier to read 100 times when you are in trouble.
  • 16- يَاوَهَّابُ: *
    By reciting it 7 times a day, every prayer will become popular.
  • . ۔ *۔ ۔۔ .17َّ۔ يَارَزَّاق
    He who recites it 550 times for 41 days between Fajr and Sunnah will be rich.
  • 18- يَافَتَّاحُ: *
    Reading 7 times a day at any time will enlighten the heart.
  • 19- يَاعَلِيمُ: *
    Reading it frequently will give you knowledge of religion and the world.
  • 20- يَاقَابِضُ: *
    Reading 30 times a day will defeat the enemy.
  • 21- يَابَاسِطُ: *
    The one who reads 40 times will be indifferent to the creatures.
  • 22ْ. يَاخَافِضُ: *
    Whoever reads it 500 times will be safe from the enemy.
  • 23- يَارَافِعُ: *
    Reading 20 times a day will fulfill the purpose.
  • 24- يَامُعِزُّ: *
    Whoever recites it 140 times on Friday night (night between Friday and Thursday) after Isha prayers, his honor and dignity will increase in the eyes of the creatures. .
  • . ۔ ۔۔*۔ 25- يَامُذِلُّ: *
    Whoever prostrates after reciting it 75 times and says, “O Allah Almighty, keep me safe from the evil of such and such a tyrant,” then Allah Almighty will grant him peace and keep him in His protection.
    (So-and-so should be called a tyrant instead)
  • 26- يَاسَمِيْعُ: *
    He who prays after reciting it 100 times a day, his prayer will be accepted but he should not talk while reciting.
  • 27- يَابَصِيرُ: *
    Reading 7 times a day from early morning till sunset will save you from sudden death.
  • 28- يَاحَكَمُ: *
    One who recites it 80 times after each prayer will not need anyone.
  • 29- يَاعَدْلُ: *
    He who recites it a thousand times after the Maghrib prayer will be saved from the heavenly calamities.
  • 30- يَالطِيفُ: *
    Whoever recites it 100 times a day after Tahiyat-ul-Wudhu will get health from diseases, will get rid of difficulties and will open the destiny of daughters. . .* Note: * The two nawafils that are performed immediately after the ablution before the limbs become dry are called tahiyat al-ablution.
  • 31- يَاخَبِيرُ: *
    A person who is caught in the hands of Nafs-e-Amara (the self that commands evil) will be saved if he does his duty.
  • 32- يَاحَلِيمُ: *
    By writing it on a piece of paper, washing it and spraying it on the field, agriculture will be protected from every calamity.
  • 33- يَاعَظِيمُ: *
    Reading it 7 times on water and inhaling it will protect you from stomach ache.
  • 34- يَاغَفُورُ: *
    Anyone who has a headache or illness or grief will be cured by writing 3 times of Yaghfur.
  • Note: * Write the holy name on a piece of paper and apply a piece of bread on its wet ink until it absorbs the image in the bread.
  • 35- ياشكور: *
    One who reads it 5,000 times a day will attain a high rank on the Day of Resurrection
  • 36- يَاعَلِيُّ: *
    Reading it 3 times will cure the swelling. . .
  • * 37- يَاكَبِيرُ: *
    Reading it 9 times will cure the sick.
  • 38- يَاحَفِيْظُ: *
    Whoever reads it 16 times a day will be brave in every way
  • 39- يَامُقِيْتُ: *
    If his eye is red and it hurts, he will be cured by reading it 10 times and breathing. . ۔۔ * 40- يَاحَسِيْبُ: *
    Reader 70 times a day will be safe from every disaster.
  • ُ41- يَاجَلِيلُ: *
    After reading it 10 times, you will be protected from theft by stealing property and money.
  • 42- يَاكَرِيمُ: *
    The angels pray when they fall asleep while reading in bed.
  • 43- يَارَقِيْبُ: *
    Boils will be cured by reading it 3 times and breathing on it.
  • 44- يَامُجِيْبُ: *
    Reading 3 times and breathing will relieve the headache.
  • 45- يَاوَاسِعُ: *
    If the scorpion bites, it will not be affected by poisoning by reading it 70 times.
  • 46- يَاحَكِيْمُ: *
    One who recites it 80 times after every prayer will not need anyone.
  • 47- يَاوَدُوْدُ: *
    Reading it a thousand times and feeding it on a piece of food will end the enmity.
  • 48- يَامَجِيْدُ: *
    Reading in summer will protect you from thirst.
  • 49- يَابَاعِثُ: *
    Whoever recites it seven times and blows on himself and goes to the ruler and officer, then the ruler and officer will be kind. .
  • .۔ * 50- يَاشَهِيْدُ: *
    By placing your hand on the forehead of a disobedient child before sunrise in the morning and reciting it 21 times facing the sky, the child will become virtuous.
  • 51- يَاحَقُّ: *
    If a prisoner reads 108 times in the middle of the night bareheaded, he will be released.
  • 52- يَاوَكِيْلُ: *
    The one who reads 7 times from the time of Asr till sunset will find refuge from the calamity
  • 53- يَاقَوِيُّ: *
    Reading in the second hour of Friday will cure amnesia.
  • 54- يَامَتِينُ: *
    Breastfeeding a baby who has been weaned will be comforted by writing on a piece of paper.
    A woman who has less milk will have more milk by writing to her.
  • 55- يَاوَلِيُّ: *
    The wife of the one who reads it more will be obedient.
  • 56- يَاحَمِيْدُ: *
    If he does not get used to dirty things, he should recite it 90 times, breathe on an empty bowl or glass and drink water in it.A one-time cup or glass can last for years.
  • 57- يَامُحْیِيْ: *
    If there is gas or stomach or pain in any other place or there is fear of loss of any organ, then reading 7 times and breathing on yourself will be beneficial
  • 58- يَامُمِيْتُ: *
    Reading 7 times a day and breathing on yourself will not work magic.
  • 59- يَاحَيُّ: *
    The sick will be healed a thousand times.
  • 60- يَاقَيُّومُ: *
    Reading more before sunrise in the morning will make people friends.
  • 61- يَاوَاجِدُ: *
    By reading on each snack, that snack will light up the stomach and the disease will go away.
  • ُ62- یامَاجِدُ: *
    Anyone who reads it 10 times and drinks it on syrup etc. will not get sick.
  • 63- يَاوَاحِدُ: *
    If he reads 1001 (one thousand and one) times in solitude, his fear will go away.
  • 64- يَاأَحَدُ: *
    1- One who reads 1000 (thousand) times in solitude will become virtuous. .2. After reading it 9 times, the one who goes to the ruler and the officer will get honor and pride.
  • 65- يَاصَمَدُ: *
    One who reads 1000 (thousand) times will get victory over the enemy.
  • 66- يَانُوْرُ: *
    Whoever recites Surah Al-Noor 7 times and then recites it 1001 (one thousand and one) times, his heart will be enlightened.
  • 67- يَامُؤَخِّرُ: *
    By reciting it 100 times after any prayer, the heart will remain in the love and remembrance of Allah Almighty.
  • 68- يَااَللّٰہُ: *
    Praying 100 times after each prayer will open the inner mind.
  • 69- يَاقَادِرُ: *
    1- If there is difficulty, reading 41 times will make the difficulty easier.
    2- The enemy (whether human or jinn) will not be able to kidnap you by reciting it while washing each part during ablution.
  • 70- يَامُقْتَدِرُ: *
  1. By reciting it 20 times a day, one will be in the shadow of the blessings of Allah Almighty.
    2- After waking up and reciting 20 times, the help of Allah Almighty will be included in every task. ۔۔ ۔ ۔* 71- يَامُقَدِّمُ: *
    Read in a state of restlessness instead of war or fear.
  • 72- يَامُؤَخِّرُ: *
    Reading 100 times a day will complete everything.
  • 73- يَاأَوَّلُ: *
    Wife will love reading 100 times a day.
  • 74- يَاآخِرُ: *
    Whoever reads it wherever he goes will be honored there.
  • 75- يَاظَاهِرُ: *
    Writing on the wall of the house will keep the wall safe.
  • 76- يَابَاطِنُ: *
    Whoever entrusts someone or buries him in the ground, if he writes Al-Batin in it, then there will be no betrayal.
  • 77- يَاوَالِيْ: *
    Writing on an empty bowl, pouring water on it and pouring it on the wall of the house will keep the house safe from disasters.
  • 78- يَامُتَعَالِی: *
    Its abundance is useful in the most difficult tasks. ۔۔
  • 79- يَابَرُّ: *
    After reciting it 7 times and breathing it on the child and entrusting it to Allah Almighty, the child will be safe from calls till he becomes an adult.
  • 80- يَاتَوَّابُ: *
    After the Chasht prayers, the one who recites it 360 times will get pure repentance.
  • 81- يَامُنْتَقِمُ: *
    Reading it frequently for three Fridays will make the enemy a friend
  • 82- يَاعَفُوُّ: *
    If the sinner multiplies it, his sins will be forgiven.
  • 83- يَارَءُوْفُ: *
    If the one who chases the oppressed from the oppressor reads it 10 times and speaks to the oppressor, he will accept his recommendation.
  • 84- يَامَالِكَ الْمُلْكِ: *
    Its abundance will bring prosperity.
  • 85- يَاذَا الْجَلَالِ وَالْإِكْرَامِ: *
    1- Its abundance will bring prosperity.
    2- Praying in abundance will make the prayer accepted.
  • 86- يَامُقْسِطُ: *
    Reading 100 times is useful for evil spirits.
  • ۔۔ ۔* 87- يَاجَامِعُ: *
    After bathing at Chasht, face the sky and recite it 10 times and close one finger at a time, then turn your hand over your mouth, then in a short time, the separated relatives will gather.
  • 88- يَاغَنِيُّ: *
    Reading while walking, getting up and sitting will keep the pain in the spine, knees, joints or any part of the body away.
  • 89- يَامُغْنِيُ: *
    Once you read it, you will find relief from the pain by rubbing it on your hands.
  • 90- يَامَانِعُ: *
    If the husband is angry and the wife is angry, then if the husband sits on the bed and reads 20 times before going to bed, then there will be peace. (Meaning acquisition)
  • 91- يَاضَآرُّ: *
    Whoever gets a position and wants to stick to it, he should recite it 100 times every Friday night (between Friday and Thursday night) and during the days of ovulation. ۔* Note: * The 13th, 14th and 15th of each Islamic month are called Egg Days.
  • 92- يَانَافِعُ: *
    Reading 20 times before starting a task makes that task custom.
  • 93- هُوَاللّٰہُ الرَّحِیْمُ: *
    Praying 7 times after each prayer will protect you from the evil of Satan and will end in faith.
  • 94- يَاهَادِيُ: *
    He who raises his hand towards the sky and recites it frequently, and finds that hand on his eyes and face, will attain the status of the people of knowledge.
  • 95- يَابَدِيْعُ: *
    The one who is facing a tough campaign will be successful if he reads 7000 (seven thousand) times.
  • 96- يَابَاقِيُ: *
    Whoever reads it 100 times before sunrise will be safe from sorrow.
  • 97- يَاوَارِثُ: *
    The one who recites it will live a long life.
  • 98- یارَشِيدُ: *
    If a person does not know the plan of any work, he should recite this verse frequently after the Maghrib prayers.

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