What will happen in universe in future.

What will happen in the coming times in our universe that we will be able to see with our own eyes.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ۔This is our galaxy, the Milky Way, where, out of these 200 million stars, we live on a small planet around the Sun, where we are in the process of learning about the universe. Our planet does not revolve around the sun alone, but the various objects in the solar system, including the planets in the solar system, ie meteors and comets, all complete their orbit around the sun at a particular time. Our earth completes one revolution around the sun in 365 days,
Mercury in 87 days,
Venus 224,
Mars completes one cycle in about 1.88 years,
Jupiter in 11.86 years,
Saturn in 29.46 years,
Uranus in 84 years,
Neptune completes one orbit around the sun in 164 years. Similarly, Pluto, a dwarf planet, completes one orbit around the sun in 248 years۔The sun is no longer stationary, but the entire solar system, including the sun, completes one orbit around our Milky Way galaxy in 225 million years. At that time, our sun meant the whole solar system in the part of the galaxy where the last time, 225 million years ago today, when the sun was in this part, the diocese had evolved on the earth and they started moving on the earth, but then the earth A meteorite collided with which resulted in the extinction of dinosaurs from the earth forever.

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