History of “Canal Zubeida”.

History of Canal__Zubeida۔
Haroon Rasheed’s wife Zubeida (may Allah have mercy on her) was a very pious woman with knowledge and grace. Once there was a severe shortage of water in Makkah and a glass of water sold for ten dirhams to one dinar. Hajjaj Ikram had to suffer a lot. Zebda (may Allah have mercy on him) was very saddened when he heard about this. He summoned his engineers and ordered them to somehow arrange water for Makkah and to find springs of water. The spring was discovered in the Noman Valley.But to get their water to Makkah Makkah was a daunting task. There were hills on the way which were very difficult to dig, but this virtuous woman ordered that no matter how much water was spent for Makkah. Arrangements should be made and if a laborer asks for an honorarium to hit a hoe on a stone, give it.
So after three years of hard work day and night, a 333,000 meter (4 km) canal was built which was covered from above to protect it from the sand. Arrangements were made to pour rainwater into the canal during the rainy season and spices were used in it so that its water would not seep into the sandy soil. Preparation of the canal But 7 million dinars were spent.When the book of accounts was presented to the queen, she was sitting in her palace on the banks of the Tigris River. She took the book and poured it into the water without looking at it, saying, Left for the day, ”he said, adding that whoever took anything from me in this calculation, the completion of the canal was celebrated with great rejoicing and the builders were rewarded with many rewards and honors. And the canal was named “Ain Al-Mashash”. But Allah Almighty loved this act of his so much that this canal became known as “Zubaida Canal Rehmat-ul-Allah Alayha”.

For 1200 years, the Zubaydah canal was a major source of water supply to the holy shrines and Mecca. .

Today, expert architects and engineers wonder how this great water supply project was completed centuries ago. The Zubaida canal project was completed by experts at the time in a span of 10 years.

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