Is there any proof of God’s existence?

Is there any proof of God’s existence?
We have three ways to prove or believe anything
The first way is to find out if something is happening through one of our five senses.
Like if a man is sitting next to me, I can confirm his presence by looking or touching him
Authentic news is another way to find out if something is happening
For example, we believe that the earth is round because we believe the news from NASA, even though we did not see the earth itself in a circular state or we did not see the earth moving. News is considered authentic. We consider it to be authentic based on an authentic news
The third way to prove the existence of something That is rational reasoning
For example, if we see someone walking on the beach, we can say with certainty that someone has passed by.
We have a second and a third way to prove the existence of God
But first let us see if the absence of God is somehow proven.
All three of these methods do not prove the non-existence of God because no one can claim to have known the universe and not found God.
Scientists believe that only 4% of human beings know the visible universe and have no idea what lies ahead.
To reject something, we have to see if it is impossible.
So is it impossible for God to exist?
Today’s science does not say that Islam tells us that God did not create us and leave us alone, but placed His identity in our subconscious and scattered the signs of His presence in the universe.
Now we see what signs Allah has set for Himself
First understand that the accidental occurrence of something is not an indefinite thing, but there is a regular rule in science for such things called the law of probability.
It shows how likely something is to happen
For example, you put a hundred coins in your pocket with numbers from one to one hundred written on them
Now put your hand in your pocket and take out a coin
It is likely that this coin will be number one in a hundred
Now put that coin back Now try to get the coin number one and then the coin number two
The chance of this coincidence is one in ten thousand
Now try to sort coins from one to ten in such a way that after extracting one coin, you put it back.
Now the probability is less than once in trillions that you will be able to pull out ten coins in a row and don’t even think of pulling out a hundred coins.
Our universe and its system is so much more complex than this simple formula of ten coins that trillions is a simple word.
You write 1 and put innumerable zeros in front of it, but fill the whole earth with zeros.Suppose a bottle of ink falls from your hand, is it possible for it to fall to the ground and become the poetry of the Almighty?
Will the Diwan become dominant on earth by repeating this process one trillion times?
No, it will never happen. The ink will always fall randomly
This universe is much more complex than Diwan-e-Ghalib
Let me now mention a few of the countless signs that show that this world and this universe and its system have been built on a perfect estimate by an all-knowing, all-knowing entity.
If the distance of the earth from the sun were even a little more then all the water would freeze and life would be impossible and if this distance was even a little less then all the water would become steam and life would not be possible And if this distance were even a little shorter, all the water would evaporate and life would not be possible
If the size of the sun were a little more or less, the water would have turned into ice or steam
If the earth were a little bigger, we would not be able to withstand gravity, and if the earth were a little smaller, we would not be able to stay on the earth.
The earth is 70% water and 30% dry
If there were not that much water, the earth would be very hot during the day and very cold at night
The earth also revolves around the sun and its center
If it did not revolve around its center at this speed, day and night would not change
On one side of the earth there was always night and on the other side there was always day
Extreme cold on the one hand and extreme heat on the other would make life impossible.This is what happens if the earth rotates at a very low speed
If the earth did not rotate, the winds would stop moving and many other systems would also stop
Air contains about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 0.04% carbon dioxide
Nitrogen stops the burning process. If it were reduced, the earth would become a ball of fire
Even if the amount of carbon was a little higher, fires would still be burning in some places, and if they were low, the plants would not be able to prepare their food.
If the ozone layer around the earth did not have a layer at the proper altitude, the sun’s rays would burn us.
If the size of the earth is increased or decreased, the height of the ozone layer will also vary, meaning that all of these things are highly structured and interconnected.
Similarly, if the sea water were not salty ، Similarly, if the sea water were not salty, life there would be difficult and swimming would be difficult
If the water boiling and freezing points were a little higher and lower, the life system would deteriorate
If you look at a map of Asia, the mountains are right in the middle of where the river rises and irrigates other areas all year round.
If these mountains were on the coast like New Zealand, the clouds would not reach the plains
If science wants to re-map the mountains, plains, rivers and deserts of the world, it will be done exactly as it was before because it is perfect. One mountain and one river are in the best place.
These are just some of the facts we read about in matriculation books
Allah provided all the elements and compounds necessary for life on earth Allah has placed all the elements and compounds necessary for life on earth in perfect quantity
For us, millions of years ago, treasures like oil and gas were stored in the earth
Different regions of the earth were kept separate so that different cultures, fruits and flowers were placed between the regions for easy travel and also food in them.
Putting everything in the world at our service is not something that man does not benefit from
On the other hand, there are only a few things that benefit animals
God subdued the rain and the wind for us
The presence of only one toxic element in the earth could make life impossible
Every living thing is put in the service of this system and man. With the extinction of only one living being, the whole system can come to an end.This system is so integrated
Trillions of times more than the footprints on the shore and clear signs Allah has placed for His existence for those who reflect.
These are the signs which Allah has repeatedly mentioned. Do you not consider the alternation of day and night?
The coming and going of the sun and the moon
The presence of stars to determine direction
Suppose there is no life on earth
You have to plant water in the region of Pakistan and deliver water from the Arabian Sea
What would be the best way to do this?
Filter the water from the motor? No, the best way would be to do what is already there; to evaporate the water and make it very light and pure, and to carry the air to higher ground.Now it is also important that this water does not rain all the time but is stored somewhere upstairs and slowly irrigated all year round.
It’s already raining in the lowlands and the snow in the highlands is slowly melting all year round.
Water is deep and fast in mountainous areas and slow in plains
And that was what was needed
We see that everything in the universe is as it should be to give this life a chance to flourish.

The order of the inanimate universe is astonishing. When we talk about life, its order of organization is far beyond that; Becoming extremely complex, such as the nervous system and the brain,Is this possible without the guidance and plan of a learned being?
Why did those dust particles become living cells? What was the difficulty in keeping them as lifeless? Then the question arises, what is the difference between me and a mound of mud? Just about altering particles? Why do people want to live despite suffering and want to breed and are afraid of death?

Then the question comes to mind that how did the early single cell microbes realize that there are sound waves, light and other objects in the atmosphere from which organs must be created to benefit? Or will the use of such and such food require such and such a chemical made from such and such a formula, the production of which will require such and such basic elements and such and such an organ? ،If it was just an experimental process like shaking hands in the dark, then at every stage of evolution, the probability of the end of life due to a single mistake must be much higher than the possibility of evolution in the right direction of life.
Then in today’s complex life, living beings are so dependent on each other that man is stunned.
For example, an African cactus makes hollow nests in its branches to house a specific ant house and to protect the tree from animals; how does a simple sensitive tree know the role of ants in protecting it from animals? And do I need this modification to enhance this role?
How can this organization, this arrangement and this decoration be the work of an unconscious substance?Accidents are always random while there is always a creator behind the sequence
I think this higher order of the universe points to a wise and knowledgeable Creator.

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