Enormous benefits of “TURNIPS”.

The Amazing Benefits of Turnips.
2.Sharpens eyes,
3.Irritation in the urine.
4.Better digestion,
9.Hands and feet
Stains and shadows,
Steel, Potassium Sodium Calcium Magnesium Iron,
10.Weakness of teeth.
Itching and dryness of the scalp.
12.Stomach cleansing.
This is a popular vegetable. Depending on the color of the outer skin, it has a sweet and somewhat sharp taste of red and white varieties. Values ​​come from fairs.The temperament is warm in the second degree and moist in the first degree, while the turnip seed is warm in the third degree and moist in the first degree.While turnip seeds are hot in the third degree and wet in the first degree, the amount of food is digestible as much as vegetables and turnip seeds are one to two grams. Carrots and beets are its substitutes. Gives constipation, cough, gallstones and joint pains. It is a useful food. Adding black pepper etc. makes it better and more useful for whitening the complexion and in other skin diseases it is beneficial to use it by grinding turnip seeds finely or by making Upton alone or with other medicines.It uplifts the complexion and removes blemishes and shadows from the face.

RED TURNIP or BEETROOT has a unique place due to its taste. It is more useful than other root vegetables. It contains carbohydrates especially sugar and protein. Its leaves also contain calcium and spinach. Compared to these leaves, they contain more iron. It is cooked and used in many ways. Like all green leaves, its leaves should be cooked in water for a while. It cleans the KIDNEYS and BLADDER. Due to the special amount of iron, they are able to withstand the acidity.Dullness of the face Liver and uterine disorders are also useful in gout and tooth weakness. It contains phosphorus, sulfur, iodine, iron, copper. A good amount of iron stimulates the blood vessels and also removes the lack of oxygen in the body. Carrot Cucumber Cucumber Turnip juice is very effective in treating kidney and liver disorders. Decoction is a successful remedy for chronic constipation and hemorrhoids, so patients with constipation and hemorrhoids should use it sparingly. This decoction also relieves itching and dryness of the head.There are three types. Pink, yellow and white. If they are chemically analyzed, turnips contain protein, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins H, C and steel. Turnips contain so much vitamin C that it would not be wrong to call them a treasure trove of vitamin C. Turnip leaves also contain nutrients and they contain vitamin A. This vegetable is useful for people of all ages. Is. Turnips are also used in salads. Turnip consumption (especially without meat) is beneficial for many stomach ailments. It relieves constipation and removes impurities from the stomach. It strengthens the body and removes the weakness of the body. It also strengthens the liver, but Greek medicine experts agree that nature has the ability to break down liver stones in turnips.Turnip is extremely useful in dry cough. It not only produces new blood but also purifies the blood. The use of turnip strengthens vision and increases appetite. Its food is useful in skin diseases. It is used in both medicine and food. Medical experts say that turnip seeds are more beneficial in their functions than turnips. Turnip eaters never have back pain, kidney pain and back pain.

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