Here are some golden rules of stress management:.

1. You can do many things, but not all.

  1. Plan your day.
  2. Start your work. early in the morning.
  3. Massage yourself.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to anyone God has created you apart from everyone else.
  5. Make a list of your goals.
  6. Keep a copy or backup of your important items.
  7. Write down your important matters.
  8. Keep a diary and keep writing in it.
  9. Smell the scent of your choice.
  10. Set your priorities.
  11. Greet and hug your friends.
  12. Get back from work early.
  13. Count your achievements and strengths.
  14. Get enough sleep.
  15. Gossip with your parents.
  16. Follow the teachings of Islam.
  17. Prepare for the next day and sleep at night.
  18. Plant a tree. ۔۔ 20. Consider one task at a time.
  19. Walk in the rain.
  20. Chew bubble gum.
  21. Strive for the better, not for perfection.
  22. Be confident.
  23. Get rid of old items when buying new ones.
  24. Quit smoking.
  25. Avoid procrastination.
  26. Do “no” to things you can’t do or don’t have time for.
  27. Keep a spare bunch of keys with the weaver.
  28. Be silent.
  29. Believe in yourself.
  30. Love yourself.
  31. Make friends.
  32. Get help from others.
  33. Forgive others.
  34. Encourage others.
  35. Color.
  36. Adopt simplicity.
  37. Participate in social activities.
  38. Stay away from social media.
  39. Go to Circo.
  40. Be thankful.
  41. Work patiently.
  42. Be humble.
  43. Take a bath and comb
  44. ​​Contemplate
  45. Get some snacks after lunch ۔۔ ۔۔ ۔۔ ۔48. Spend some time in the light
  46. Do not argue with an ignorant person, it will only bring you trouble.
  47. Take away someone’s problem
  48. Wear loose and airy clothing
  49. Play a game
  50. Grumbling.
  51. Take a deep breath.
  52. Think positive.
  53. Study.
  54. Pray.
  55. Go to Hawkins.
  56. Put everything in order.
  57. Look at the bright side of everything.
  58. Every grief is temporary, even everything.
  59. Do everything in moderation
  60. Always smile
  61. Exercise.
  62. Use time efficiently.
  63. Remember to deal with worries that come to you.

Published by Asim Hanif

Professor Asim Hanif Health tips. HEALTH Is WEALTH.

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