Amazing tree Rich in Fragrances.

KEWRA: A tree rich in Fragrances*

You must know why Used for perfume in most sweet dishes of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is also used in qorma, biryani and many other foods and sweets. It also makes syrup. Pure liqueur is also added to the spirits. It is also used in medical prescriptions. Have you ever wondered how to get it?

Ninety percent of the world’s flea production occurs in the Ganjampur and Orissa districts of India’s eastern coastal region. It is bordered by Ratnagiri, Karnataka, Rajpur, Deccan, Burma, Andaman, Lanka, Iran and Arabia.The cedar tree is more than twelve feet tall. The leaves are two to five feet long, pointed at the front and thorny on both sides. When the tree is four years old, it produces very fragrant flowers The fragrance comes from afar. The plant grows like a corn kiln and the leaves are wrapped in layers on top of it. There is a flower between them while the kiln is six to ten inches long. Types . One is white which is male and the other is yellow which is female. ۔

A tree produces about thirty to thirty-five flowers a year. Each flower weighs about five to six ounces. The liqueur is sold in the market……………………..

Soul Cruelty.
:::::::::::::::::::::: .

Keora flower oil is called soul keora. About an ounce of oil is obtained from about a thousand flowers of the worm, which is used in Oriental medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for various ailments.

  • Perfume *:
  • This perfume contains three to five percent kerosene oil and the remaining sandalwood oil. This perfume is very popular in India. It is added to various creams and oils. The same fragrance is used in the famous Tibetan cream.
  • Sweat *:
    ::::::::::::::::::::: .
  • The oil that remains after extracting oil from flowers is filtered by mixing it with distilled water Or by adding 0.02% oil and residual water to get the liqueur which is used in syrups, sweets and meals. At present, 95% of counterfeit goods are being sold in Pakistan under the name of Roh Keora, which is made by adding the essence of Keora to water.
  • Medical benefits *
  • Fun and nourishing heart, sedative, anti-epileptic.
    Its liquor and syrup are used for entertainment and strengthening the heart and brain. If liquor or syrup is used in the days of epidemic, then smallpox and measles come out less.This oil is extracted from the scalp by pressing it on the scalp. In addition to applying this oil on the scalp, it relieves back pain and fatigue of the limbs. Its frequent use relieves back pain and fatigue of the limbs. Feeding the flowers is useful for hemorrhoids.
    Special benefit
    Fun heart strengthening.
  • KEWRA Industry: *
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.. Ganjampur district of India has the highest production of worms. There are about six distilleries operating in different parts of the district. Gutka factories in India are also big buyers of Kewra. It is used for perfume in Gutkas.

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