HEALTH TIPS for 40s & 50s Young.



A .4 things reduced to minimum:
(1) Salt
(2) sugar
(3) Fats

B. Four things to increase:
(1) Greens
(2) Veggies
(3) fruits
(4) Nuts

C* Three things to forget
(1) Your age
(2) your past
(3) your grudges

D. Four acts to stay healthy:
(1) fasting
(2) Laughing
(3) Exercise
(4) Weight loss

E. Three things to have:
(1)True Friends
(2)Loving family
(3)Positive thoughts

F . Four things not to wait for:
(1) Don’t wait till you are sleepy to sleep
(2) Don’t wait till your tired to rest
(3) Don’t wait till your friend is sick to go to see him.
(4) Don’t wait for problems to pray to God.

Take good care of yourselves..🌹🌹🌹

Published by Asim Hanif

Professor Asim Hanif Health tips. HEALTH Is WEALTH.

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