8 Foods which were very Harmful when you use in empty stomach.

8 Foods Never eat on an empty stomach.: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

We are something like that
Explain the things that are very harmful to use on an empty stomach.

1.Eating medicine on an empty stomach.
Aspirin, paracetamol and other such drugs should never be taken on an empty stomach. This not only reduces the effect of the drug but also has adverse health effects

Even if they are to be used on an empty stomach, they can be used with milk instead of water to remove harmful effects.

  1. Use of coffee
    Consumption of coffee on an empty stomach causes flatulence and heartburn.۔ In addition, skipping breakfast after coffee can lead to lethargy and fatigue.

If coffee consumption cannot be stopped, try to drink coffee with milk or cream. Milk reduces its side effects.

  1. Chewing gum
    Chewing gum on an empty stomach is destructive to the stomach because it releases substances that improve digestion. If the stomach is empty, it has a bad effect on the stomach, and research has shown that a person who is addicted to this bad habit. However, he prefers fast food to fruits and pure foods.

Chewing gum contains a natural sweetener that is much better than other sweeteners. Carefully stop using it for at least 10 minutes………………….

4. Go to bed with hunger.
Lack of appetite and glucose hinders a good night’s sleep. It causes frequent wakefulness and early opening of the eye, and surprisingly increases appetite.

Have you ever noticed that the night you go to bed without eating, the next day you feel even more hungry? Therefore, it is better to use dairy products before going to bed as it improves sleep.

  1. Working hard
    People generally think that if you exercise on an empty stomach, it will quickly deplete the body of waste material and energy. In fact, it has no effect but causes a decrease in the strength of the body..Running is a more effective exercise than strenuous physical exertion. If you have to do physical exercise, you should eat something before it. It speeds up the excretion of acid which helps in digestion, which is harmful.
  2. Shopping when hungry
    We all know that when we are hungry we start buying anything that temporarily eliminates hunger. In fact, when we feel hungry, the body needs something to eat, but we understand the need for this food and start pushing every sad thing.

So instead of reaching for every food item, it is better to eat something that also eliminates hunger and has no effect on health………………………..

7. Use of juice
Consumption of the same juice which should be acidic, whether natural or artificial, is harmful to the stomach on an empty stomach as it causes the problem of flatulence or acidity in the stomach.

And more dangerous for people who already have this problem. So use fresh pure juice with water.

  1. Argument
    Research has shown that hunger reduces the ability to argue because it requires energy in the body. And energy never comes from an empty stomach.

Therefore, if you ever have an empty stomach discussion, drink at least 2 glasses of water or some warm milk.

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