Make Meditation and be relaxed,how?..

  • Meditation is the best source of peace of mind *

Depression and negative thinking have negative effects on human health and cause mental and physical illnesses. It deprives man of peace and contentment. There must be harmony between body and mind and heart to get rid of these problems. Meditation is very important in yoga.

Meditation is essential for uniting body, mind and soul. Meditation not only calms the mind but daily practice also removes all negative thoughts, apathy, emotion, anger, deprivation, ingratitude and mental and physical imbalances and man begins to think and act positively. .

Meditation is better than various drugs and psychotherapy for patients with frustration and depression because these things usually have only a temporary benefit and usually the person becomes addicted to drugs and becomes completely useless. But there is no cure for depression. Meditation is not an exercise but a focus on your mind and self, independent of your body’s external stimuli.

Sit quietly and leave your mind completely relaxed and free. Don’t think anything and pay attention to your breath by clearing your mind of all thoughts. Keep breathing as you breathe. There is no need to deepen or deepen the breath, but only to keep the mind focused on a point. However, the focus can also be on an external point or the ticking of a clock. But the ideal is to focus on yourself.Keep an eye on your breath for two minutes.

After doing this daily for a week, start adding one minute each. You will notice that shortly after focusing on the breath, the mind begins to invade the forgotten memories and thoughts. Let these thoughts come to mind. But don’t start thinking about them. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life. Do this daily for two to three weeks.

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