3 Natural laws that are bitter but true.

  • Three natural laws that are bitter but true. *
  • The first law of nature: * If the seed is not planted in the field, nature fills it with weeds. In the same way, if the mind is not filled with good thoughts, then crooked thoughts make it their home. That is, it contains only the opposite thoughts and it becomes the house of the devil.
  • # Second Law of Nature: *
    He who has, distributes what he has. ۔ ۔
  • A cheerful person shares happiness.
  • A grieving person shares grief.
  • The world shares knowledge.
  • A pious person shares religion.
  • A frightened person shares fear.
  • # The third law of nature: *
    Learn to digest whatever you have in life, because. ۔ ۔
  • Diseases occur when food is not digested.
  • Hypocrisy grows when wealth is not digested. …………. …….* *Gossip and backbiting increase when things are not digested.
  • Arrogance increases when the definition is not digested.
  • Enmity grows because condemnation is not digested.
  • Frustration increases when grief is not digested.
  • Risks increase when power and strength are not digested.
  • Make your life easier and live a purposeful and moral life, make things easier for people *

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