Feeling dizzy when standing up all of a sudden?You will not believe knowing the reason……..

Feeling dizzy when standing up all of a sudden? You will not believe knowing the reason………
Do you sit up for a while and then feel dizzy? This could be an indication of a risk of an infectious disease, according to a new medical study published in the medical journal Neurology. Of these other people in comparison, the risk of dementia,a degenerative disease, is about 40% higher than in others. The study looked at whether orthostatic pitting could predict a person’s risk of developing dementia. Orthostatic hypotension is when a person’s blood pressure suddenly drops significantly when they stand up and there can be several reasons for this, while the most common symptom is dizziness when standing up. More than 2,000 people in this individuals with an average age of 73 years were included and the researchers looked at them for 5 years. The researchers instructed these individuals to complete their blood pressure test and a brain test while standing on various experiments There are two ways to check blood pressure. One is the pressure of the arteries that is caused by the heartbeat and blood filling, while the other is the pressure of the arteries when the heart rests between the heartbeats. The level is considered to be 120 contraction and less than 80 expansion. In this study, an individual was diagnosed with orthostatic hypotension and his blood pressure was found to be equal to or greater than 15 contractions and 7 extensions when he stood up after sitting. The research team then observed Whether these people have been diagnosed with dementia over a 12-year period.The study was based on low scores on medications, hospital records or tests of brain function. Of the 309 people in the study who suffered from orthostatic hypotension, 462 were diagnosed with dementia for which various factors were taken into account. The research team found that people with orthostatic hypotension had a 40 percent higher risk of dementia than others.The research team says the study was observational and did not prove that orthostatic pituitary causes dementia, but there could be several possible explanations for the relationship between the two, one of which is a decrease in blood flow to the brain. The results may also be limited because the diagnosis of dementia was not based on formal and clinical analysis. Proving that the brain cannot function in isolation from the rest of the body, this study suggests that low blood pressure increases the risk of dementia. It is important for researchers to uncover the mechanisms behind this risk.He added that maintaining a healthy blood pressure as well as avoiding smoking and alcohol, staying mentally and physically active, maintaining a balanced diet and stable cholesterol levels help keep the brain healthy with age.

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