10 Tips to become a “SUCCESSFUL WIFE”.

  • Ten Tips to Become a Successful Wife *
    While discharging her daughter, a wise woman gave some useful tips that can make every departed daughter’s new home a haven of peace.

Daughter, you are going to a friendly environment and a foreign environment away from home, which you do not know. You have to go to a companion with whom you are not acquainted. Remember my few words.

  • First thing: *
    Living contentedly and simply with your husband, listening to him carefully and obeying him because contentment brings relief to the heart and obedience makes the husband happy
  • Second thing: *
    Try not to do anything against the will of your husband. Even if it is done by mistake, try hard to make up for the mistake.
  • * Third thing: *
    Beautify yourself, but only for your husband, your husband will see you dressed in clean and fragrant clothes.
  • Fourth thing: *
    Take care of her eating time, take care of her rest even while sleeping because hunger is unbearable and waking up suddenly causes anger.
  • Fifth thing: *
    Always protect his property, that is, consider it his property and spend it in the right place. Avoid waste.
  • Sixth thing: *
    Taking care of his relatives and family, because the protection of property is a sign of good order and the protection of relatives and family is a sign of good management.
  • Seventh thing: *
    Don’t reveal its secrets, that is, keep the matter of the house to the house,do not do it with anyone outside,as this may cause separation between the two of you. …………………………………….
  • * Eighth thing:. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Not disobeying his order, if disobeyed, it will provoke his anger and this thing can cause you great harm.
  • Ninth thing: *.
  • ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  • You should know very well that you will not be able to get all these things from your husband unless you give priority to your husband’s desire and pleasure in all matters.
  • Tenth thing:
  • ::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  • Consider this house as your home, consider its parents as your parents so that your strangeness will soon turn into familiarity … Which is necessary for you to stay there.

May Allah keep you in the shadow of His mercy and put love for each other in your hearts, Amen.


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