In how many days should the bed sheet be changed?

  • In how many days should the bed sheet be changed? *
  • Not changing bed sheets increases the risk of disease *

  • Who doesn’t like a clean bed sheet but when do you change the bed sheet?

The bad news for you is that if you stay in bed for several weeks, it can be devastating to your health.

In fact, it is important to change the bed sheet every week because in 7 days, the bed sheet is filled with dust mites, fungi, waste products, pollen and dead human cells and thus it can be filled with more germs than the toilet.

On an average, 500 million cells are excreted from each person during the day, while other components accumulate on the bed sheets throughout the night, of which dust mites prefer to eat human dead cells. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, if the sheet is not changed every week, you are at risk of * serious viruses and infections *.

These include skin or wound infections, urinary tract infections, pneumonia and circulatory infections.

However, not changing the veil does not necessarily lead to the above mentioned diseases, but it certainly increases the risk, while it also affects the skin surface, which can lead to acne and other problems.

Not changing the sheet during this time makes both it and the bed a haven for these tiny insects and the moisture released from the body when you sleep at night is also a part of it.

Medical experts recommend washing the sheet once a week or so to say once a week Be sure to change it, but very few people do.

Hot water should be used to wash the sheet, but before doing so, be sure to check the instructions on the label.

However, it is clear that hot water eliminates most germs and removes dust mites.

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