Do you know something about new born

  • Know something about Newborn *
    1.Tears do not come out when Newborn cries because his tear-making glands do not work.
    2.Newborn’s eyesight is a bit weak, but after a few months he recovers completely.
    3.Newborn’s hearing is so good that he can hear sounds from his mother’s womb.
    4.Newborn’s sense of smell is relatively sharp.
    5.The average human has 206 bones, while the newborn has up to 300 bones. Which are later mixed with other bones, leaving 206.
    6.Newborn does not have a knee cap. Which later develops slowly. That’s why you shouldn’t even try to hold a small child and make him stand up for at least six months
    7.Newborn loves to sleep Twelve to sixteen hours of sleep a day is considered healthy sleep for him.
    8.Newborn does not need plain water for six months. He meets this need with milk and other foods.

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