Why do most women severe pain in their legs at night?.

Why do most women have severe pain in their legs and shins at night?
Most women suddenly start to have pain in their legs, shins and thighs when they are snoring or sleeping at night after a day of activities. Sometimes there is tingling and pain in the soles of the feet.
This problem is called Charlie Horse in medicine. According to experts, this problem occurs because sitting on one side for a long time throughout the day or due to some exercise, their muscles or muscles begin to suffer from stiffness. It is felt at night when the body is at rest. Experts believe that this stiffness of the muscles is also due to dehydration or excessive use.

Other factors include poor blood circulation, the use of certain medications and a sedentary lifestyle.

How to get relief from this? :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: People who work slowly throughout the day should move their body every once in a while. Walk, walk, run. And people who are accustomed to sitting in one place and working should not hang their legs for too long, and keep moving the body in the other direction, it will not tighten the muscles or your blood circulation. There will be prevention.
According to doctors, by applying mustard or olive oil under your feet and massaging it before going to bed at night, you can also get relief from leg and shin pain.

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