How can a husband love his wife to the point of insanity?.

How can a husband love his wife to the point of insanity?
Interview with an old woman who spent fifty years quietly laughing with her husband.

The woman was asked what is the secret of this quiet life of fifty years?
Was she very good at cooking?
Or is it because of their beauty?
Or is it because of having too many children or something else?

The old woman replied:
A peaceful married life is in the hands of a woman after the help of Allah. A woman can make her home a paradise if she wants and a hell if she wants to.
In this regard, do not mention the name of wealth, many rich women whose lives have become indigestible, their husbands run away from them.
The reason for a happy married life is not even children, there are many women who have six or seven children, yet they are deprived of the love of their husbands, but it is time for divorce.
Many women are experts in cooking from top to bottom, cooking new food all day long, but still they complain about their husband’s abuse every day.

The female journalist interviewed was very surprised and asked:
Then what is the secret of your prosperous life?
The old woman replied:
When my husband is very angry I resort to silence but this silence also includes respect, I bow my head with regret,
On such occasions, some women become silent, but there is an element of ridicule It should be avoided, a sensible person can detect it immediately.
The correspondent asked:
Why don’t you leave the room on such an occasion?
The old woman replied:
No, doing this will make the husband feel that you are getting rid of him, you don’t want to hear anything from him,
He should remain silent on such an occasion and should not oppose anything until he calms down.
When the husband calms down a bit, I say:
Is your point fulfilled?
Then I leave the room, because my husband is tired of talking and after screaming he needs a little rest now.
I just leave the room and go about my daily routine.
The female journalist asked:
What do you do next?
Adopt? Don’t talk for a week and a half?
The old woman replied:
Otherwise, this bad habit should always be avoided. It is a double-edged sword. When you do not talk to your husband for a week, he will become accustomed to it when he needs to reconcile with you. And then this thing will take the form of an increasingly dangerous kind of hatred.
The journalist asked, then what do you do?
The old lady speaks:
After two or three hours I take a glass of juice or a cup of coffee to my husband and say lovingly: Drink.
That’s what a husband really needs,
Then I start talking to him in a normal way,
He asks, “Am I angry with him?”
I say: No,
He then apologizes for his harsh words and starts talking nicely.
The interviewer asked: And do you agree with her?
The old lady speaks:
Of course I’m a little clumsy, I have full confidence in myself.
Do you want me to believe everything my husband does when he is angry and disobey him when he is calm?
The female journalist asked: And your self respect?
The old lady said: The first thing is that my self-esteem is only when my husband is pleased with me and our married life is calm,
Secondly, there is no such thing as self-respect between husband and wife.
When wife and husband are each other’s clothes, then what self-respect.

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