10 Homemade tips to treat indigestion.

  • 10 homemade tips to treat indigestion.
    When food is not properly digested, it is called indigestion or sleep deprivation. It also causes other diseases. If indigestion is not treated in time, the bleeding stops and the patient becomes weaker day by day.
  • Causes of indigestion *.
    This disease is caused by overeating
    Eat more delicious but heavy food
    Eat stale food
    And defecation is caused by stopping urination etc. Excessive sleep also causes indigestion.

1.For mental and
psychological reasons.
6.Due to etc., food is not digested properly.

7.Sometimes, even poisonous food causes indigestion.

8.Eating large amounts of pickles, sour foods, and oily foods can also cause indigestion.
ہ ِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِِ
9.Sometimes vomiting
Flatulence due to loss of appetite
Ingredients full of acidic stools with bowel movements etc. are its special symptoms.

  • 10 Home Remedies for Indigestion *.
  1. 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoons ginger juice, a little green coriander or mint, 1 grain black pepper, salt and a little cumin. Grind them all to a paste. Eat this chutney after a while. After eating this chutney, the food also starts to be digested.
  2. Celery 200 grams, hang 4 grams, black salt 20 grams ہِGrind them all and make them thieves. Take 2 grams of this powder in the morning and evening with lukewarm water. The disease of indigestion goes away immediately.
  3. Grind a little Egyptian in radish juice and mix. Then drink 1 teaspoon of juice after eating food. It makes sour belching and indigestion goes away very quickly.
  4. Cut 2 lemons. Drink its juice in 1 glass of water. It is an easy treatment for indigestion.
  5. 4 cloves and 2 small herbs for the treatment of indigestion. Boil both in a cup of water. Mix 2 black pepper and 1 pinch of salt in it and use it. It relieves indigestion and heaviness of the stomach.
  6. Take 1 tablespoon of both onion juice and lemon juice. Then use it after meals.
  7. 1 tablespoon ground celery and 2 pinches of salt, both
    Use in combination with 2 doses in the morning on an empty stomach. This is an easy and effective home remedy for indigestion.
  8. When indigestion increases, bowel movements begin to dry out. In this case, the abdominal pain increases rapidly. For this, chop onion and squeeze lemon juice on it and use it with food. This will cure indigestion in one go.
  9. Boil 2 cloves and 2 tablespoons cumin in a cup of water. When 1 cup of water is left, mix 1 pinch of black salt in it and drink it. This is a great prescription for treating indigestion.
  10. Ginger juice, lemon juice and orange juice. Drink all three together daily. This will cure indigestion and indigestion immediately.

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