Amazing benefits of “Triphala tea”.

Lifelong relief from Doctor’s by the use of Triphala tea.

Ingredients: –
1.Half a teaspoon of
2.One and a half
cup of water.
3.A spoonful of

Recipe and food: –
Put a spoonful of turpentine powder in water, boil it and mix it with honey and drink it in the morning.

It has more than two hundred benefits, some of which are as follows:
1.* Accumulation of excess fluid in the body.
2.* Premature graying of hair.
3.* Accumulation of bile in the body.
4.* Gland formation in the body.
5.* Deterioration of the skin, boils and sores.
6.* Constant constipation.
7.* Do not work the stomach.
8.* Intestinal dryness.
9.* Mucus mumps.
10.* Biliary obesity.
11.* Increased cholesterol.
12.* Increased uric acid.
13.* Gray hair.
14.* Wrinkles on the face, blackheads, acne
15.* Weaknesses of the penis
16.* Current
17.* Licorice
18.* All issues of mercy
19.* All urinary tract diseases
20.* Gonorrhea
21.* Syphilis
22.* Kidney bladder leaf stones
23.* Weakness of vision.
24.* Urinary incontinence
25.* All specific diseases of women
26.* Recovery
27.* Dizziness good
28.* Anesthesia
29.* Physical pains
30.* Low blood pressure
31.* Kidney cleansing
32.* Strengthens the liver
33.* Elimination of mucus from the body
34.backache 35. Muscle pain
36.* Lame pain
37.Backache 38. Increased immunity

  • What is Therpala?
    (Amla + Harid + Behera).

The first is extremely useful, which is part of the famous Greek medicine. The word “tri phala” is from Sanskrit which means three fruits. First we will review the three separately then we will talk about its tried and tested compounds.

  1. Amla (Anola): –
    Strengthens the nerves. Fun for heart and mind. Strengthens the stomach. Increases vision. Strengthens the gums maintains hair ink and is beneficial for dysentery. Its side effects are minimal, yet milk, honey and almond oil are used together to eliminate its harmful effects.
    Its temperament is cold and dry. Balela is rarely used alone. Honey and ghee are used to eliminate its harmful effects
  2. Harid (Harid, Halila):
    His temperament is cold and dry. It is good for brain, nerves, stomach, bladder, dizziness and eyes. Absorbent moisture. Excretes phlegm and saline substances. Beneficial in dozens of diseases from various recipes.

Whenever you have to use a powder equal to the weight of Amla, Harar and Balela, you must fatten its powder with almond oil or ghee so that its dryness disappears.

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