Never ignore the swelling of the feet! Because…….

Never ignore the swelling of the feet! Because…..


In the human body, the feet are the pillars on which this whole building is built. Symptoms of any discomfort inside the body begin to appear on the legs due to the full lifting of the body – these symptoms can sometimes be in the form of pain in the legs and sometimes they can be manifested by swelling of the legs. Maybe – Swelling of the feet is usually attributed to fatigue, prolonged standing or being overweight, but this assumption is not always proven. Swelling of the feet can sometimes be an early sign of a major illness.

1: Due to kidney disease:

The kidneys are also called the body’s filter plant. They filter out all the toxins from the body and expel them out of the body but sometimes if they have stones or infections, they can’t do their job properly and toxins start to accumulate in the body – and this disorder is one of the causes of swelling of the feet.

2: Due to liver failure:

The liver has a central role in the human body – the first sign of liver trouble is a fever, but then the fever goes away – but liver damage causes swelling of the abdomen and legs, and this Feels like they’re full of water.

3: Due to high blood pressure:

High blood pressure is a latent disease that affects the human heart, kidneys and liver. Persistent high blood pressure can also cause permanent swelling of the legs.

4: Due to diabetes:

Diabetes weakens the arteries in the legs, which affects the blood supply to the legs, and anemia can cause swelling in the legs.

5: Due to heart disease:

The cause of heart disease is that for one reason or another it becomes difficult for the heart to carry blood to all parts of the body – and since the feet are towards the lower part of the body, blood flow to them Affects and swelling occurs.

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