Tongkat Ali -Amazing health benefits of it,s tea.

TONGKAT ALI Amazing health benefits.


Herbal teas are now common in every country. They are used not only to cure various ailments but also to keep the body in balance and maintain its beauty. Malaysia and Indonesia are known around the world as herb-rich countries, where new and centuries-old traditional herbal coffees have reigned. A similar herb is Tongkat Ali
In Malay language this herb is known as Tongkat Ali while in Arabic it is known as ‘Akaza Ali’. It is sold all over the world in powder, capsules and tea bags. The roots of this herb called Tongkat Ali are boiled in hot water and drunk. The medical benefits are numerous, some of which are as follows:———-

(A). His coffee drinker never grows old.
(B).* It is also drunk to increase male potency.
(C).* Extremely useful in nervous weakness.
(D).* People who have kidney stones are given this coffee.
(E).* Tonkat Ali drinkers do not have sugar.
(F).* The best antidote for malaria.
(G).* Keeps blood circulation normal.
(H).* Women in Malaysia and Indonesia use hormones to boost growth.

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