10 Home remedies to get rid of “Constipation”.

  • 10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Constipation *
    Most people suffer from constipation and find it very difficult to live their lives because of it.
    Constipation can also be a major symptom of a disease such as diabetes.
    According to research, constipation is more common in people with certain types of cancer than diabetes.
    Researchers say that if you have frequent constipation, don’t ignore it as normal.
    However, the cure for constipation is also available in your own kitchen.
    Yes, try these natural remedies for quick relief from this disease.

1.* Shera *
A teaspoon of syrup before going to bed in the morning can be helpful in relieving constipation. This syrup contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium Which help reduce the disease.

2.* Fiber *
Fiber acts like a pipe cleaner and cleans the food and waste components in your esophagus. Seeds, pulses, oatmeal, almonds, various vegetables and dried fruits are high in fiber and 20 to 35 a day. The use of gram fiber can be helpful in reducing the symptoms of constipation, however, if too much fiber is part of the body, water consumption should also be increased.

3.* Mint or Ginger Tea *.
Both mint and ginger are home remedies for various gastrointestinal complaints. The menthol in mint helps relax the esophageal muscles, while ginger is a warm herb that raises body temperature and helps digest food faster It happens.

4.* Healthy fats *.
Olives, nuts, etc. are rich in healthy fats that reduce constipation by improving the intestinal system.

5.* Lemon water *.
The citric acid in lemon water stimulates the digestive system and helps to flush out toxins from the body. Use a glass of lemon water or lemon in tea every morning which will improve the digestive system.

6.Enough coffee

Coffee breaks down constipation by stimulating the intestines. Other hot drinks can also be helpful, such as herbal tea or a cup of warm water containing a small amount of lemon juice or honey.

In addition to being rich in fiber, raisins also contain tartaric acid, which has a mild laxative effect. According to a study The digestive system of people who consume half an ounce of raisins daily works twice as fast. Cherries and apricots are also rich in fiber and strongly treat constipation.

This fiber-rich fruit is a home remedy that gets the digestive system back on track. Three potatoes make up three grams of fiber, while they also contain a component that moves the entrails.

9.* Castor Oil *.
This home remedy for constipation has been used for years. Use one to two teaspoons of castor oil on an empty stomach and it will give positive results in eight hours. In fact, one of the ingredients in this oil relieves constipation by activating the small and large intestines of your body.

10.* Move the body
Walking for 15 minutes a day helps digest food faster. If you feel drowsy after eating too much, try walking instead of lying down, which will speed up the digestion process and prevent constipation.

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