Amazing health benefits of “Saffron”.

Amazing health benefits of Saffron.


Saffron contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Selenium and Zinc. Saffron plants are planted in the Kashmir Valley. It grows beautiful flowers which are plucked to obtain saffron. Most people use it for business.

The plant is 45 cm tall and resembles an onion. Saffron is grown on high dunes so that there is no stagnation of water. Saffron is used in herbal medicine and many medicines are made from it. They are valuable because they are a valuable plant. Saffron is cultivated not only in Kashmir but also in Egypt, Iran, Spain, Syria and Italy.

In the saffron plant, saffron is obtained from the flowers. These buds or fibers are then dried. Just saffron is ready.

Saffron is grown or cultivated in areas where it is neither too cold nor too hot. Our farmers can cultivate it at a very low cost, but we have to take great care of this plant. If saffron is used in food, very tasty food is prepared. It is said that in ancient times saffron was also used as a dye. Only Iranian saffron is available at the highest and lowest prices. And it is also the largest crop in Iran. One gram of saffron is obtained from one hundred and fifty leaves. Its crop is given less water only twice a year. It is given once before the crop is ready and once before harvesting.

Benefits of Saffron:
1.* Saffron strengthens the kidneys, bladder and liver.
2.* In case of fever, saffron is mixed with water twice a day and fed, then the fever goes down.
3.* Saffron relieves kidney pain.
4.* Saffron is useful in case of itching.
5.* Saffron strengthens in heavy nature.
6.* The use of saffron makes it easier to expel mucus.
7.* If saffron is used in the eyes, redness and pain are relieved.
8.* Saffron is useful in women if menstruation comes intermittently.
9.* Saffron is beneficial in urinary obstruction.
10.* Saffron is also beneficial for diabetics.
11.* It will be beneficial to make saffron syrup and give it to pregnant women.
12.* Saffron eliminates loss of appetite and also improves digestion.
13.* Saffron is also useful in convulsions.
14.* Saffron has also been found useful in depression.
15.* Saffron is beneficial in Alzheimer’s.
16.* Saffron enhances our memory.
17.* Saffron is also helpful in losing weight.
18.*Saffron is applied on Gohanjani,it is fine.

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