Miraculous benefits of”POTTERY” and amazing benefits drinking water with them.

  • Benefits of pottery and drinking water in them *
    The Almighty has created innumerable blessings for man. One of the blessings is clay. We use this clay to make our homes, molds, pottery and other necessities of life. Clay is a great gift of nature. Pottery is not only traditionally used for human beings but it has innumerable benefits for human health. But most of us are unaware of this and prefer to use glass, plastic and steel utensils. cold water
    Many of us will remember that in the old days water was stored in earthenware jars (Matkas) because at that time there was no electricity and no such thing as a refrigerator. Today’s scientists say the same thing
    There is nothing better than an earthen vessel in which to store water. Clay pots not only cool the water, but also add clay elements to it. Which is extremely beneficial for human health. It has been observed that earthenware pots cool the water depending on the climate. This property is only in the soil and not in anything۔ Porous۔ ::::::::::::::
    Soil is porous. That is why pottery is porous. This is why when you put water in an earthen pot, the process of evaporation begins. This process causes the water to cool. If you look at a pottery with a microscope, you will see very small pores. Because of these pores, water seeps out. This feature is found only in pottery Not found in steel, plastic and other utensils used today. Some pots are made of a special type of clay “MICACEOUS” which has the characteristic of mica. Pen adjective or alkaline.

Peniness or salinity is one of the characteristics of pottery. Due to its penicillin or salinity, pottery balances its pH level by removing water acidity. As the pH level of the water improves, it reduces the pain in the stomach. Due to this feature of pottery, it is very useful and healthy for human health. When milk and meat are cooked in pottery, it undergoes chemical changes which are beneficial for human health as well as enhancing the taste of these items.

Improving strength and digestion۔

Drinking the right amount of water in daily life makes our digestive system much better and faster. We keep most of the water in plastic containers. Not to mention that plastic is made of a chemical like BPA (Bisphenol A) that sticks to water like a mole. And harmful to human health. While pottery is made without any chemical and it is also extremely useful for health. Drinking water in a pot increases human strength. Alkaline supply
Inside the soil is a natural metor line that balances the body’s pH level relieves pain, gastritis, acidity and other internal pain complaints.
Drinking water in a clay pot after sports also makes the throat feel pleasant as it softens the throat.
We do not realize the benefits of drinking water from a clay pot. What is the use of nature in this? It brings a lot of positive changes in our body. Improves the function of our kidneys. While there are numerous benefits to drinking water from an earthenware vessel, we need to keep in mind that we must wash the water vessel every three days and change the water۔

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