How to solve your “Hair fall or greying hair” problem.

  • Pay as much attention to hair as you do to skin *
    Both men and women want their hair to be healthy, shiny and thick, but sometimes they don’t take care of it as much as they take care of the rest of their things and ignore them.

But then over time, in the case of rapid hair loss, the attractiveness of personality decreases and then we start looking for a solution to the problem of why hair is falling out so much.

If you take care of your hair like your skin from the beginning, then of course the effect of aging will be seen on the skin, but the hair will remain thick and shiny.

Hair loss and graying are two of the biggest problems that almost everyone suffers from.

Did you know that hair health and nutrition?
There is a direct link between habits, using fresh and healthy food can make hair look better.

1.* Chicken for Vitamin B12 Deficiency *.
Vitamin B12 deficiency not only causes premature graying of hair but also increases the risk of other medical problems. Along with eggs and milk, chicken is also a food that helps increase B12 levels in the body.

2.* Use of green vegetables *.
The habit of eating green vegetables as much as possible prevents gray hair as it is an easy natural source of folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12. Include green leafy vegetables in their daily diet in raw form. try to do.

3.* Pulses to prevent gray hair *.
Amino acids play an important role in maintaining hair color The use of pulses increases the amount of red blood cells in the body while they are also a natural source of vitamins B9 and B12.

4.* Carrots increase carotene *.
Carrots are high in carotene which is considered to be the best way to prevent hair loss. Drinking or eating carrot juice daily increases the thickness of hair and also stops it from falling out.

5.* Yogurt for healthy hair *.
Yogurt is rich in proteins and provides antioxidants that help in hair health and growth. Yogurt is essential for healthy hair and you can also say scalp diet.

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