What is the”THYROID?” A dangerous disease.

  • Thyroid: A Silent Disease *
    Thyroid is a silent disease, which is why sometimes even doctors cannot diagnose the disease. There is a severe shortage of endocrinologists in Pakistan, especially in rural areas where there is no treatment facility for people with the disease. The disease is spreading rapidly and families with the disease should not marry each other.

The prevalence of Thai Rhythm is four to five percent in men and 10 to 12 percent in women, but 90 percent of patients are undiagnosed. Could not be identified. Not every tumor is cancerous, so there is no need to panic, but not all tumors are safe.
Therefore, doctors should carefully guide the patient in this regard. This disease can lead to many complications, including infertility in women. Surgery should not be performed unnecessarily. There is no way to prevent this disease. However, thyroid cancer is not a life-threatening problem. The disease can be diagnosed by TSH test.

The Thyroide test should be done in the first week of life. Radioactive treatment is also possible in this disease. Thyroide can be treated with good medicine, surgery and other methods, but surgery should only be done because of the risk of cancer. Patients should take medicines and their dosage with the advice of doctors. Thai Axin should not be taken with calcium iron and vitamins Eating and drinking should be avoided for one hour after Thai Axin.

The thyroid gland is shaped like a butterfly. The place where the tie is tied around the neck is below the throat. Our body needs energy. This process is controlled by Thai Ride. Its secreted hormone helps to energize all the cells of the body. He has many diseases but three are famous. Iodine deficiency causes the throat to swell. Hypothyroidism releases small amounts of hormones. Fatigue, weakness, swelling of the body, weight gain, heartbeat, skin problems, loss of appetite, etc., while hyperthyroidism causes weight loss. Anger, irritability changes mood. The problem of iodine deficiency is not only of Pakistan but of the world.It is also facing other countries of the world. Doctors also prescribe iodized salt. Marine fish also contain iodine. It is not a disease but a precursor to many diseases. It has a laboratory test which is also expensive but it is detected and it is easy to prescribe medicine. There are pills then there is radioactive iodine. Then there is the operation. However, it should be examined and tested regularly. Depression, mental retardation, deficiencies are all caused by this. You should consult a doctor and get tested. Its excess and deficiency both become a problem for human health.

Thyroide is a disease that can be prevented with timely treatment. Thyroid can be treated with both medication and surgery. About this disease in people Awareness is urgently needed and it is very important to follow the advice of doctors in this disease. There are different causes for the development of other diseases including thyroid, diabetes, obesity and their nature is also different, so in such a case, you should contact a specialist doctor immediately. Thai Ryde’s disease is a hormonal disease that causes swelling in the throat, facial disfigurement, hair loss, infertility and other ailments.

Thyroide disease makes the eyes thicker, does not close after opening and increases the chances of being blind. Thai rye disease is on the rise around the world, with young girls having a physical change before the age of 10 children not getting taller,and other problems that are highly treatable.

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