Best tips to remove “Cold Flu and Caugh”.

Colds and coughs are gone forever.


Use of Honey and Lemons People who drink tea should drink honey and lemon juice instead of sugar in non-milk tea during colds. In addition to tea, add a teaspoon of honey and fresh lemon juice in plain hot water and sip it to soothe sore throat. If desired, honey can be drunk by adding a few risks of lemon. Honey has antiseptic properties and the vitamin C in lemons strengthens the body’s immune system. Slowly swallowing this mixture makes saliva good in the mouth and soothes the throat. Cinnamon: Cinnamon has been used for thousands of years for its antiseptic and antiseptic.
Cinnamon, grown in the warmer climates of the East, used to sell gold in the colder countries of the West, but it is still of great importance today. According to Dr. James A. Duke, cinnamon is not as effective as aspirin, but it does have the potential to relieve pain. In the subcontinent, a lukewarm paste is often used in water for headaches and stiffness. Its oil has the ability to kill germs, so it is also added to the throat paint applied to the throat. Its tea is very effective for colds. Cover with a teaspoon of boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes After giving it, it should be mixed with honey to taste. One to three cups a day can be drunk. Ginger, Basil and Honey Tea Fresh ginger crushed cross tea juice in a cup of warm water sweetened with honey to drink phlegm, chest tightness and chest is very relaxing. The mucus comes out and the sweat and fever go away. Adding a teaspoon of fresh basil leaf juice to it makes it even more useful. Dried basil leaves can also be used.

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