Do these five things to “LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE”.

  • Do these five things to live a healthy life *
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  • To prevent major diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, stomach, liver, cholesterol, uric acid, kidneys and the like, we have to do these five things *
  • First task: Replace the eating utensils *
    The most common illnesses are by eating gluten.
    There is a difference between eating and baking. Just like an apple is baked and a muffled one.
    Melt apples can also be eaten with a spoon while baked apples have to be chewed – chewing is healthy and just swallowing is unhealthy.

Normally we eat chewed food and do not chew because the food is already sore.
We use silver, steel, pressure cooker, or non-stick utensils.
When food is slowly cooking in the pot, make that commitment today.
You have to use cooked food not to be swallowed –

This process requires that we first replace all the utensils in our home.
Be assured that these dishes are closest to the nature of the people who have changed the vessel will surely change their lives.

  • The second task is to change the cooking oil *
  • Use pure mustard oil for cooking *

COOKING OIL Every house is required to use coking oil that never closes.
The best oil in the world is olive oil. Which does not have stagnation but it is very expensive.
The middle class does not buy its strength, but for the common people there is mustard oil,
It has so many properties it doesn’t last all the time,
The mustache on the palm is also used because it is not possible.
One of the qualities of mustard oil, too That whatever they put inside it does not cling to it.
The living example of this is pickles that are contained in mustard oil. It does not feel like fungus.
You will never have stroke, epilepsy, or heart attack when it goes inside your body. Your kidneys will not fail for the rest of your life You will be protected from blood pressure.
Because mustard oil cleanses the blood vessels when the drains are cleaned, the heart does not have to be hardened.
When animals get sick in the villages, elders say they should give them mustard oil.
That’s why we all need mustard oil.

  • Third thing: change the salt of the meal *
  • What is salt? *
    Salt man needs to take the salt that comes out of the soil even today the best in the world Pink is the salt of Pakistani shrimp.
    There is a lot of demand in the international market. Punk Himalayan salt goes on sale in the US and we lose this blessing.

Look unfortunate
We eat salmon mixed with salt at home, and the salt that was supposed to improve our health, we have skipped meals. If you want health, always make a habit of using pink salt.

  • Fourth: Change the sweetness *

Sweetness is what we need. It is the most important component of mental movement and sweetness is placed in the soil, ie sinus and feces, and we have left the feces and started eating chemical-based sugar, which causes diseases to ruin our health. have done_
If you have to use sweet, the best is sweet honey, then jaggery, or indigenous sugar to your sugar.
Take it away from life and avoid it completely.

The Fifth and Last Works *

  • Replace drinking water *
    The most important requirement for human life is water without which it is not possible for a human to survive. Drinking water from the soil should be the best water in the world.
    The water from the ground is healthy, so this water should be used. However, TDS must be checked. Put the hand pump water in the pit. It is better to try to avoid even the snow.
  • Here are five things we can do to keep our lives healthy.

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