Best prescription for “Hight Increasing”.

Easy household tips to increase height.

• Tall stature also plays an important role in enhancing physical beauty, and there are many people in the world who want to grow taller. Height is also hereditary. If both parents are small in size, then usually children are small. In addition, dietary habits and physical activity also affect height. Whatever the reasons, daily exercise and physical activity can be tried to increase height through resources such as jogging, football, playing cricket, throwing hair and hanging out.
• Freestyle Swimming releases the body lightweight and free from mental stress which does not allow it to grow tall. You must swim at least three times a week.
• Sagudana pudding at breakfast is useful in enhancing health and stature.
.Mix a cup of milk with a pinch of tumeric and drink at night before going to bed.
.Boil half a kilo of boiled and mashed pumpkin or gourd.Add two teaspoons of honey and one slice of Egyptian,eat it for breakfast.
.Take one teaspoon syrup containing garlic twice day.
.Take foods that contain high amounts of vitamin,calcium and fiber.

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Professor Asim Hanif Health tips. HEALTH Is WEALTH.

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